caravisio-3Living on the road and throwing off the shackles of home ownership is a dream for many people, but taking showers at truck stops and eating gas station food isn’t exactly a comfortable existence. The Caravisio luxury camper was inspired by the yachts of the rich and famous, offering opulent living conditions that can take you right to the doorstep of paradise.

I love tiny houses and camper living, though overall caravaning is on the decline in Europe and the U.S. Caravan maker Knaus Tabbert thinks the future of compact caravaning could be in the high end of the market. Teaming up with over 20 other comapnies and designers, the result is the Caravision, which  uses aerodynamic and intelligent design elements to fit all the luxuries of a full-size motorhome into a compact and lightweight design.

One of the smarter features is a rear end that completely opens, making the caravan feel bigger and more open and offering an extended sundeck with its own canopy. A curved and aerodynamically-friendly front end features two single beds that can be combined into a double, beneath a large glass panoramic window.

Instead of a toilet/shower combo, the Caravision has a more standard bathroom design, and a smart water system reduces and maximizes onboard water storage. Integrated induction charging provides wireless power for two electric bicycles during towing, and smartphone apps allow the altering of the interior furniture. For example, two interior doors come together and serve as a screen for the on-board projector.

The Caravisio is literally better equipped than my house, though there are no plans for production. Instead it’s just a really cool “what if”, a look at luxury living for those struck by wanderlust, but want to keep things small.

Source: Gizmag