A short thread on the Tesla Motors Club forum got me thinking recently…can you buy a Tesla golf cart? Well, you definitely can’t from the company because they don’t make one. Ok, that was easy. Everyone go home. But seriously folks, would it be a decent business idea? Elon Musk is known to be a risk-taker, and there’s certainly no shortage of golfers who would be in the market for a Tesla golf cart.

These users of the Tesla Forums website (this is the company’s official forum and is not to be confused with the Tesla Motors Club forum) seemed to think it’s a pretty lousy idea. When the question was posed asking if it were a good idea for Tesla to begin making golf carts, user reed_lewis made the following statement:

“Seems like a solution in search of a problem. Golf Carts have enough range, and a GPS tracker can be added easily as an after market item. Plus the price with a Li-Ion battery, and all other stuff that Tesla has would make it cost much more than current carts do. Plus Tesla will never exist in the ‘low end’ space of the market.”

When asked for some positive feedback on his idea, the original poster received the following response from user Rocky_H:

“No positives at all. Besides the facts of electric golf carts already being something other companies make, EV haters already sling the term “golf cart” at Tesla cars as an insult. That would be insane to feed that with more ammunition by literally associating your products as golf carts when you’re trying to differentiate from that by making serious cars.”

Ouch! Remind me to never suggest any of my dumb ideas on the Tesla forum…

So, Tesla doesn’t manufacture golf carts and probably never will. That being said, you can always design and build (or have built) a custom Tesla golf cart. While I couldn’t find any that were designed to resemble Teslas, I did find a few that were pretty cool:

Here’s one that looks like a Rolls Royce:

Image result for luxury golf carts

If you’re more of a Cadillac fan:

Image result for tesla golf cart custom

Arnold Schwarzenegger has a custom EV Hummer as we noted here. Maybe he would like this golf cart:

Image result for tesla golf cart custom

Orange County Golf Carts in Port Jervis New York may be the place to go for your custom Tesla golf cart. I’m not really interested in golf carts in any way shape or form as I don’t golf, but I had a blast looking at the different creations on their website. Found in their incredible inventory are two golf carts that were built for Pope Francis and the “Rat Off-X,” which they claim is “the most expensive golf cart in the world.”

Check out the video on Youtube:

The name “Rat Off-X” doesn’t really scream luxury to me but hey, what do I know?

Are any of our readers golf cart enthusiasts? What interesting designs or custom builds have you seen that made you take notice? Would you ever consider commissioning a Tesla-inspired golf cart for yourself? Please leave us a comment below and let us know.

Source | Images: Wikimedia Commons and Pinterest 

Source | Videos: Orangecountrygolfcarts.com via YouTube