Photo by Will Davison / The Signal

California has some of the best electric vehicle incentives in the nation, and now thanks to the leadership of Governor Jerry Brown those incentives are even stronger.

Governor Brown has signed into law six bills in a continuing effort by California to grow the EV market within the state. Currently California makes up 40% of US plug in electric vehicle sales and last year the Brown Administration signed an executive order to establish a target goal of having 1.5 million zero emissions vehicles on the California roads by 2025.

Of the recently signed bills, standouts include increasing the number state issued stickers allowing zero emission vehicles to use the state’s high occupancy or diamond lanes from 55,000 to 70,000. There’s also a bill requiring commercial and residential property owners to approve charging stations on their properties as long as requirements are met. Finally a third bill offers incentives for EVs to low income residents who trade in older high emission vehicles.

In 2012, Governor Brown announced a $120 million deal with NRG Energy to construct electric car charging stations across 1,000 locations in California. Sadly, the roll out of the EV chargers has been slow, and the latest news from NRG Energy has not been that great with the company receiving a BB- credit rating meaning the company is at an above default risk.

A major part/major hurdle of getting public EV chargers installed is the installing company must convince business owners that they should have them on their lot because EV chargers are a good investment. When the company doing the convincing has a subpar credit rating, that fact makes business owners a little leery. Luckily smaller groups have stepped up and to date the state of California has is home to well over 3,000 public charging stations.

With these new EV incetives in place, California will be well on its way to meeting its ambitious zero emissions vehicle goals.