Environmentalist types have done themselves no favors when it comes to improving their image. Despite “going green” having attained mainstream status, there is still a huge resistence to hybrid cars, organic foods, and even riding bicycles because many people just don’t consider them “cool”. What’s a modern day hippie to do?

Well, buying this badass, cafe racer-inspired electric bicycle might not be a bad place to start.

Straddling The Line Between Bike And Motorcycle

The M-1 e-bike from Marrs Cycles ditches the overt “greeness” of many electric bicycles in favor of a classic cafe racer style. Where many ebikes scream “I’m saving the world!” the M1 ebike states with quiet confidence “I’m stealing your girlfriend.” Indeed, it is hard to argue with the coolness of this borderline electric motorcycle, with its classic looks, fat tires, and hot rod flair.

At 140 pounds, the M-1 certainly has a sturdy look and feel to it, though an electric motor will help motivate that machine to speeds of up to 20 mph (any faster and it would be classified as an actual motorcycle). The lithium-ion batteries can provide up to 20 miles of unassisted range, again giving the M1 some motorcycle-like qualities.

Cool Doesn’t Come Cheap

The $7,000 price tag is another tip of the hat to electric motorcycle. Granted, every M-1 is custom built and designed by Kacy Marrs and her partner, Brad Fanshaw, and the 4130 chromemoly steel is sturdy enough to survive almost anything you can throw at it. Supposedly Metallics James Hetfield is in line for his own custom M1 ebike, and while the high price tag may scare a lot of customers away, remember…you don’t need a motorcycle license for this bad boy.

Besides, can you really put a price on cool?

Source: Gizmag