The Cadillac ATS still feels like a new production car, but the compact, sporty sedan and coupe have done wonders for Cadillac, pushing the brand into the entry-luxe market that’s been dominated by the C class Mercedes and 3 series BMW since time immemorial the 1980s. Now, it seems like Cadillac is going to square off against sporty convertibles from Lexus and Audi, as well- with an all-new Cadillac convertible concept that was reportedly shown to dealers earlier this week, along with a new sedan positioned below the ATS, a compact crossover, a large crossover with third-row seats, and a new “halo model” positioned above the upcoming CT6 full-size sedan.

The new convertible is believed to be based on GM’s “Alpha” platform, which serves as the basis for the Cadillac ATS and larger CTS cars- but the convertible will likely share more hardware with the next-generation Chevy Camaro than either of those cars. If for no other reason than the Camaro will definitely be getting convertible option, so can probably expect the hard points, windshield surround, doors, and other bits to be mechanically (if not visually) identical across both cars.

It’s not clear if the upcoming convertible will look more like the ATS or CTS- or if it will look like either of them, at all. One rendering of a new Cadillac convertible can be seen, above, and another- by Theo Chin for Chris Doane Automotive- is included, below.

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Cadillac Convertible Rendering | Doane Automotive

Sources | Images: Car Fanatics, MotorAthority, and Chris Doane Automotive, via GTSpirit.