EV sales by BYD in 2015

We all know Elon Musk plans for Tesla to be selling “millions of cars” in a few years, but China’s BYD may become the largest EV company in the world long before then. In October, it sold 6,099 electric vehicles — more than any other manufacturer! For 2015 through the month of October, BYD sold 43,073 electric vehicles worldwide. More than any other single brand.

Sure, if total EV sales by Nissan and Renault are combined, the French/Japanese company leads all others- but not under a single brand, and remember, too, that BYD doesn’t sell in the US … which is still a pretty big market.

Unlike Tesla, which is committed to starting at the top of the market and working its way down, BYD has a plan to take virtually everything on wheels and convert it to electric power. BYD is already the world leader in electric buses. It will deliver about 6,000 of them in 2016, of which 300 will be manufactured at its Bus & Coach Factory in Lancaster, Calif. It has a fleet of electric taxis operating in Chicago and plans to expand its e-taxi service to New York City.

BYD also plans to build manufacturing facilities for cars and batteries in the US, according to Inside EVs. Lerner-Lam, the company’s director of eastern U.S. business, says that fossil fuel vehicles will be steadily replaced by environmentally responsible solutions. “The time has come for electric vehicles, and BYD is ready to meet the growing demand. It’s a very exciting opportunity to take technology that was developed in China—and leveraged and matured in large scale there—and adapt them to American standards, lifestyles and infrastructures.”

BYD is expanding its focus to include trash hauling trucks, airport and seaport operations vehicles, long distance motor coaches, construction vehicles, and warehouse equipment like forklifts. Tesla has big plans, but the forklift is well down on  its list of priorities. As of November 2015, BYD’s e-buses and e-taxis have traveled more than 327 million miles in revenue service with the total equivalent CO2 emissions saved comparable to planting a forest of 581,678 trees.

For those not familiar with BYD, the initials stand for “Build Your Dream.” Elon Musk may dream of a fossil fuel free future, but with its ambitious plans that include all vehicle categories, BYD has dreams of its own and may yet become the biggest manufacturer of electric vehicles on the planet.


Graphic via Inside EVs.