2014 Honda Grom

This is Honda’s newest bike – the 125 cc, supermoor-inspired Honda Grom. I think it’s safe to say that it’s the best thing ever, and that we (all of us) need to hunt down the men and women responsible for creating the Grom and immediately begin harvesting their DNA in the hopes of breeding a superior new race of genius transportation designers before – DEAR GOD, NO! – we all end up Tweeting at each other from inside one of those awful Rinspeed cube things.

With top-shelf suspension components, brakes, and high-end tires backing up the bikes diminutive 125 cc dirtbike engine and 4-speed manual transmission, this little Honda should be gobs of fun. Scratch that …

The new Honda Grom promises to deliver the most fun you can have without an overwhelming karmic retribution getting portioned out by the cosmos.


… beyond that, the little Honda Grom also promises squeaky-clean emissions and an MPG rating that would have put it near the top of last month’s “13 best fuel-efficient motorcycles for 2013” list … and I like it better than most of those, too.

You can check out the official Honda Grom press release, as well an epic video showcasing the little Grom’s innate awesomeness, below.



More All-New Models Join the 2014 Honda Lineup – 05/14/2013 – Torrance, CA

The exciting 2014 model year continues as American Honda introduces four brand-new models that clearly demonstrate the incredibly wide reach of Honda engineering; this is the kind of innovation Honda enthusiasts have come to expect over the years. In addition to these all-new models, this announcement also includes a number of successful and favorite returning models.

“This is really a fun time for Honda fans, as we unveil these four incredibly cool all-new machines for 2014 that reach out to entirely different segments of the market,” said Powersports Press Manager Bill Savino. “This introduction serves as a perfect example of what 2014 is going to be like for Honda, as we continue to bring diverse and completely new concepts to riders, no matter what kind of machines they might favor.

“Earlier this year we introduced the first of our new side-by-side Pioneer line, the 700-4, and now we’re announcing our second model to the Pioneer line: the tough and hard-working Pioneer 700 side-by-side that’s fully featured and will be priced competitively. Next up is the friendly and fun-loving Grom, an easy-to-handle package that makes you grin when you see it and keeps you grinning as you ride. And we have the impressive new Forza scooter, a very able 300-class machine with strong performance and economical operation for solo riding or two-up travel. We also have an awesome all-new motocross machine, the CRF250R, which has been completely redesigned for 2014 along the lines of the new-generation CRF450R.

“These four new models along with more Honda favorites returning for the new model year demonstrate that Honda is on the move for 2014. We’ll be bringing you even more exciting news in the coming months, so keep your eyes on Honda.”


Okay, admit it: When you first look at the sporty and compact Grom™ you just have to smile. And no matter how long you’ve been riding, you just want to throw a leg over this bike and twist the throttle. It’s an excellent fit for both new and experienced riders, but to Gen Y buyers in particular the Grom carries a bit of attitude while promising fun times: the compact frame size, low seat, inverted front fork and hydraulic disc brakes make this the real deal. The fuel-injected 125cc engine delivers lots of torque, the 4-speed manual transmission works just like any other full-sized bike, the maneuverability and handling make it a joy to ride, and there’s even room for a passenger. Factor in its efficient size with an affordable price, and there’s just no way you can pass up this chance to get out and ride. Because no matter who you are, the Grom will keep you smiling, ride after ride. Colors: Pearl Red, Metallic Black;

Price: $2999; Availability: August (2013)

Source: Honda, via Autoblog.