Due to what’s being described as “sponsorship reasons”, the bike that finished 4th in the Pike’s Peak Exhibition Class in 2017 is available for sale. That’s right, kids- not a replica. Not “one of”. The actual Bottpower-built 1,340cc Buell XBRR-based BOTT XR1R Pikes Peak race bike that finished 4th can be f***ing yours.

I learned about this earlier today while reading one of Jensen Beeler‘s articles over at Asphalt and Rubber. Justin does not share my love for Erik Buell’s sexy streetbikes- like, at all. Even a broken clock is right twice a day, however, and one of the two Beeler gets right today is calling the Pike’s Peak BOTT XR1R Buell race bike, “one tasty piece of two-wheeled machinery.”

The one-off, titanium-valved V-Twin at the heart of the bike is, “wedged into a titanium chassis of Bottpower’s own design, with a street-tracker stance,” that compliments to laundry list of high-end chassis and braking bits nicely. Best of all, the bike looks every bit like it’s an absolute blast to ride (sorry).

If you’re the type of person who has more money than sense and and overwhelming desire to kill yourself on the side of a mountain own a legit racing bike with a genuine racing history, email Dave at Bottpower to make him an offer. The rest of you can let me know what you think of the bike in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


Source | More Photos: Bottpower, via Asphalt and Rubber.