Like many of us, I’m sure, Harry Doskicz looked at a malaise-era Kawasaki 2 stroke snowmobile and thought, “I bet that engine would make a freakin’ kickass airplane.” Once he had that Earth-shattering realization, though, Harry did something you and I did not: he built it.

Harry helped build the experimental Kawasaki-powered airplane you’re looking at here is built around a junkyard Kawasaki engine. Even if did come from a snowmobile, however, this thing is every bit a skyfaring motorcycle. It’s got a wood-frame, cloth-covered wings, and no windows, doors, climate controls, room for passengers, or even padding on the back of the seat. This bike is as bare-bones as it gets, made from backwards tech, and it is freakin’ AMAZING!

Andy Greaser has a full interview with Doskicz (and more pictures!) over at motorcycle news site, Revzilla. It’s 100% worth the read, so go check that out, then let us know what you think of this Kawi-powered ultralight in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


Harry Doskicz’ 2 Stroke Kawasaki Airplane

Source | More Images: Revzilla.