Tabby Flat Pack Electric Car

Given an hour and a set of tools, you can turn that semi-organized jumble of parts up there into a light, capable electric car that’s perfect to take down to the local store. At least, that’s what OSVehicle, the makers of the TABBY flat pack electric car, would have you believe.

Once you’re finished inserting all the Tab As into the Slot Bs, OSVehicle’s pile of TABBY parts is supposed to look like this …

Tabby Flat Pack Electric Car CAD Drawing

… which, actually does look pretty car-like, in a Model T sort of way.

OSVehicles hopes to offer their “open source” TABBY design in a number of emerging and third-world markets, in addition to offering it as a lot vehicle or NEV here in the states. The TABBY will also be made available with a variety of optional power trains, ranging from 50 and 125 cc scooter engines to an “integrated hybrid engine”, which seems similar, in concept, to what Buell patented a few months ago (just drop a “0” from the end of the horsepower numbers).

While the hybrid version of the TABBY isn’t quite ready for sale, the electric version is- and it can be yours for just over $2000. The electric battery to power the thing will run you an additional $950-ish, depending on the exchange rate, but all in all that doesn’t seem excessively high compared to something like the Gem NEVs.

So, will the TABBY ever be a thing that you can walk into an American dealership (or an IKEA, for that matter) and buy? Not a chance. Still, it’s a neat idea- and the OSVehicle guys put together a great time-lapse video showing that you, indeed, can build one of these flat pack electric cars in about an hour. You can check it out, below, and call me a shill for the Big Three and the oil companies in the comments at the bottom of the page. Enjoy!


Source | Photos: OSVehicle, via Inhabitat.