Venturi Buckeye Bullet

What will a streamlined, lightweight, ultra-slick electric lakester run WFO on 2 miles of dead-flat land with 3000 hp worth of electric motor whirring away a few inches behind the driver’s head? The Ohio State University team behind the Buckeye Bullet electric land speed record-breaker is hoping to find out soon, thanks to a set of new 3000 hp Venturi electric motors.

We’ve covered the Buckeye Bullet before, when the team cracked the 300 mph barrier and followed up with plans to go 400 mph with a slightly more streamlined and slightly more powerful version of the Bullet.

“Slightly more powerful,” however, might be an understatement. The 300+ mph record-setting car was making just about 800 hp back in 2011 … with almost 4 times the power, actually going 400 mph in August seems like a formality!

Stay tuned for more Buckeye Bullet news in the weeks and months ahead – and, if you can’t quite get enough, check out the video (in French), below.

Source: Ohio State University, via TechVehi.