General Lee Moonshiners

Thanks to some intrepid young men and women at the Clawhammer Supply Co., you can now brew your own high-octane DIY moonshine (ethanol) right at home. If you decide to stop the process at around 80-100 proof, you can even drink it yourself. Just in time for the holidays!

Admit it. At one point in your life, the idea of operating an illegal moonshine still cleverly hidden in a sliding wall in your house and making deliveries of said moonshine to leggy coeds while their daddies was out huntin’ in your very own Hemi-engined Dodge Charger seemed pretty attractive. Especially if said Charger was sprayed with a thick coat of M126 “Hugger Orange” single-stage.

Uncle Jesse would be so proud!

DIY Moonshine Kit


Still, (See what I did, there?) the main thing is that these kits from Clawhammer Supply Co. really do give you everything you need to turn naturally occurring sugars – like the ones found in corn, sugarcane, or honey – into ethyl alcohol (aka ethanol), but whether you do so for purposes of consumption or combustion is up to you. The 1 gallon sized kit starts at about $149, and is shown (flat-pack style), below. The company will sell you 5 and 10 gallon DIY moonshine stills

In addition to the flat-packed copper still kit, Clawhammer Supply offers a number of free videos showing you how you can brew your own high-octane party fuel at home. Take a look at the kit in the photos, below, and let us know what you think in the comments.


Source | Photos: Clawhammer Supply Co., via Cool Material.