Longtime friend of (and sometimes contributor to) Gas2, Brandon “the Electric Cowboy” Nozaki Miller is attempting to ride his motorcycle 1,000 miles in less than twenty four hours. It’s often called “the Iron Butt challenge” in the motorcycling world, and it’s a daunting challenge– even on a road sofa. Brandon likes to make things even harder than they need to be, apparently, which he’s going to attempt a 100% ELECTRIC Iron Butt challenge. (Kinda.)

It’s important to note here that, unlike Brandon’s 2012 world-record run where he topped 100MPH at Bonneville, this one won’t be a “world’s first”. That honor goes to Terry Hershner, who successfully did an Iron Butt run on a Zero S in 2014 that was fitted with special, super-slipper aerodynamic bodywork designed by none other than the legendary Craig Vetter to help make it possible. Miller’s run will distinguish itself from that attempt by using a production-spec Energica Esse Esse 9 (shown, in the photos) and by utilizing the prolific, publicly-accessible EVGo charging network and its conveniently located stations throughout California.


Brandon’s Electric Iron Butt Map

I reached out to Brandon for comments about his upcoming run and, despite the fact that we haven’t talked in a few years, he was exactly the same open, adventurous dude I remember. “I definitely want to say thank you to Energica for making a bike that can do this right off the show room floor,” he said. “And EVGo, too, for the largest network of chargers. A buddy of mine will also be flying from South Carolina to AF1 Racing, in Austin, Texas. His plan is to buy an Esse Esse 9 and ride it home. There are a lot of dealers that are closer to him, but these guys at AF1 have a deep motorsports heritage, so he wants to support them.”

One of the official Iron Butt challenge rules requires collecting and tracking all your fuel receipts. According to the rules, the time stamp on your very first fuel receipt is your official start time for completing the run within 24 hours. You can get more supporting evidence by having a clear photo of that receipt next to your odometer at every stop. That’s is why having a single supplier like EVGo, who will have records corroborating charging check in/out times as well, is sure to come in handy in case Miller has any trouble getting his run certified.

As for why he’s doing something this insane awesome, Brandon’s answer came easy. “I just really want to raise awareness that electric bikes don’t suck anymore. The future is bright, and FAST!”

Well said, buddy. If anyone wants to leave Brandon a comment or generally wish him well– or call him a maniac on a public forum– check out some pictures of the Energica from Ride Apart’s initial test ride of the bike, below, then let us know what you think of the plan in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


Energica Photo Gallery from Ride Apart

Source | More Images: Brandon Nozaki Miller, via Ride Apart.