After years of separation, much to the joy of electric motorcycle buyers everywhere, but especially Los Angeles, Hollywood Electrics and Brammo are together again. Brammo has had a hard time finding their home in Los Angeles, starting out at Best Buy, then briefly selling through Hollywood Electrics before moving to Bartels, a Harley Davidson dealership (and not exactly a good fit).

Hollywood Electrics sells only electric bikes, so it’s the go-to shop for anyone who wants to be sure they’re buying from a shop that understands EV’s, making it the perfect home for Brammo.

What’s also interesting is that this comes shortly after Harley has introduced their own electric bike, the LiveWire. Yes, they claim they have no plans to actually sell the bike, but it would not make sense for them to carry a competitive brand at one of their largest and most iconic dealerships. Mark Gardiner explains here why Harley is most likely going to produce the LiveWire.

Brammo has just announced their upcoming grand opening party to be held August 16th at Hollywood Electrics. Hollywood Electrics is also offering test rides at Newcomb’s Ranch, a popular restaurant on the Angeles Crest Highway, a great place to really see how that bike handles. They will have Brammo Empulse R’s and Zero S’s and FX’s available to demo. From their Facebook page:

Electric Motorcycle test rides this Sunday at Newcomb’s Ranch to help celebrate their 75th year anniversary!

Mark your calendars: August 10, 2014, 10am-3pm.
Angeles Crest Highway 2, La Cañada Flintridge, CA 91011

While this does present a challenge for Zero, the brand that has really blossomed through their #1 dealership, it can also help them improve. As any capitalist can tell you, competition is great for innovation. Brammo and Zero each have their strengths and weaknesses, so being in the same dealership can help them see what it is that customers really want from them.

Also in the past week, Hollywood Electrics became a LACI baby- our term for Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator Portfolio Companies. With this partnership, Harlan told us he plans to use the money to further their R&D, to create better upgrades for their customers. They already do some pretty sweet stuff to bikes with what they have, this will enable them to do even more. You can read about LACI’s inagural Cleantech Showcase here.

Press release of the dealer partnership here.