Bosch Pedal Assist eBike Unit gets upgrades for 2016

Bosch first brought its pedal-assist eBike drive unit to the mass market back in 2014. Those first units, with 300 and 400 watt power outputs, made it possible for riders to retrofit their pure pedal-powered bikes and use them to reach remote, alpine trailheads that they simply don’t have the strength or stamina to reach “on their own”. For 2016, Bosch has upped the power ante to more than 500 tire-shredding watts!

That’s big power- up to 75 lb-ft of torque!- for a small, lightweight bicycle. More than enough, in fact, for a properly geared road bike fitted with Bosch’s system to exceed 30 MPH. That’s not all the new Bosch pedal-assist eBike units will offer for 2016, however …


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Bosch Pedal Assist eBike Unit

… there will also be a host of new connectivity features, apparently, which will allow Bosch eBike riders to experience things like a GPS navigation system that both plots the best urban routes between destinations and specific and accurate data concerning altitude and slopes. That’s something that fans of more thrilling off-road trail cycling should be able to appreciate.

As with the original rollout of the eBike conversion systems, Haibike, Easy Motion, Felt, and Cannondale are expected to be the first brands to offer bikes pre-equipped with the Bosch drive system in the US. Contact your local high-end bike dealer for more information.


Source | Images: Bosch, via Motorpasion.