Today we take a look a the Bosch Ebike battery lifespan and what you can expect should you buy one. One can only imagine what was going through Robert Bosch’s brain when he started his company in November of 1866. The German inventor and industrialist named his company Werkstätte für Feinmechanik und Elektrotechnik.  For those of us who don’t Sprechen, this translates to the Workshop for Precision Mechanics and Electrical Engineering. Mr. Bosch began production of the first low voltage ignitions for gas engines the next year in his backyard in Stuttgart. I wonder if he ever dreamed that his company would one day be worth almost 78 billion dollars? I wonder if he knew that his company would one day manufacture everything from power tools to medical equipment?

Bosch Ebikes

The Bavarian behemoth of a company that has retained Mr. Bosch’s name to this day begin producing electric bicycles (Ebikes for short), about 10 years ago. For the purpose of continuity, we will once again define “Ebike” as: as a bicycle that gives the rider the option of using an integrated electric motor to assist with propulsion. This bike must have pedals, lest it be called a moped or motorcycle. Like electric cars and electric scooters, Ebikes use rechargeable lithium-ion batteries to assist the operator. Larger batteries allow for speeds of up to 30 miles per hour, while smaller ones can propel riders up to 20 miles per hour.

Bosch’s strategy in the Ebike market is an interesting one. As of the date of this writing, Bosch has not produced a single bicycle. I’ll repeat that: Bosch has not produced a single bicycle. “But..but…Neil,” you say, “How are they in the Ebike market at all if they don’t produce bicycles?” The answer to that is simple. Bosch only produces the electric motors, lithium-ion batteries, and LCD displays found on their Ebikes.  All other parts of the bike are made by best-selling brands like Cube, LaPierre, Haibike, Felt Electric, and Xtrabike. An ingenious sales plan if you ask me!

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How Long Do Bosch Ebike Batteries Last?

If you’re in the market, you know at least one thing about Bosch Ebikes: they ain’t cheap! A quick perusal of the various bikes by Bosch on the website reveals that one of these babies will set you back between $2,000 and $8,000 depending on model and trimmings. While they are very cool machines, they are still bicycles after all. I have a feeling that those of you who are discerning (and let’s face it, wealthy) enough to pay thousands for an Ebike expect quality. Fortunately for you, Bosch is the best in the business.

According to Thomas Raica, Head of Technical Customer Application for Bosch:

“Lithium-ion batteries are not only light; they also have a long service life. Bosch PowerPacks are designed for many tours, distances and years of use. The smart electronic Bosch battery management system protects lithium-ion batteries from too high of temperatures, overloading and deep discharging. A precise life span is impossible to forecast, however. The battery’s service life will depend mainly on the nature and duration of the stress to which it is subjected.”

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There is Good News

I get it and I’m sure you get it too if you’re into all things electric. The company can’t predict exactly when their batteries will bite the dust and doing so would could create huge headaches for them.  What the company does is offer a decent warranty for their batteries. To qualify for a battery replacement, your battery must be less than 2 years old and meet two conditions. The first condition is that the battery has not been cycled more than 500 times on aggregate (i.e. 1000 1/2 cycles, 2000 1/4 cycles, etc.) The second is that the battery must not hold more than 70% of its charge. This warranty is the same no matter which individual bicycle manufacturer you go with.

If you’re out of luck when it comes to the warranty, a new battery can be purchased in the $600 to $900 range depending on which bike you have. This does not include labor of course, so be sure and throw on a couple hundred extra dollars for installation to those numbers. Unless…you’re brave enough to take on a project like this yourself that is! I personally would never try as I would end up frying my brain but check out this video from Power Electronics Blog for a step by step. This guy makes it look easy:

How Do You Reset a Bosch Ebike Battery?

If you think it’s a bit early for your Bosch Ebike battery to be completely toast, try resetting it before dropping a grand on battery replacement. Bosch’s battery management system (BMS) is the best in the biz, but even the best have to be reset from time to time to restore full functionality. Simply use your key to remove the battery from the battery mount. Once you have removed the battery, press and hold the power button for a full 10 seconds. This should successfully reset your battery which will now function properly if it still has life left in it.

This kind blogger from also has some good advice for Bosch Ebike owners who think that their batteries may be dead and gone. He suggests that riders check the head unit to make sure it is correctly fitted. He also suggests putting a small amount of Vaseline on the connections between the head unit and the control mount interface. Interesting…

Another idea would be to go to a bike shop in your area and see if a working, compatible battery will work with your bike. If it does not, you know that the problem is not the battery and is likely an issue with one of the other systems. You can potentially save big money with a tiny bit of leg work.

Any Bosch Fans Out There?

Any of our readers own a Bosch Ebike and care to comment on their experiences with battery life? What do you like and dislike about your Ebike? Please leave us a comment below and share your thoughts.

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