Formula One fans are accustomed to seeing Mercedes cars used at every race for the pace car, medical car, staff cars and go for pizza cars. It’s good marketing for the three-star brand. Now BMW will do the same thing in Formula E, showcasing its entire line of advanced electric and hybrid cars at every Formula E event.

The already-iconic BMW i8 will be the pace car, while the i3 will be available to staff and VIPs. Selected race fans will also get a chance to see, touch, and possibly drive the cars as well.

Says Jörg Reimann, Vice President BMW Brand Experience:

“We have watched with great interest the continued growth of the new FIA Formula E Championship and the potential it has to significantly increase the interest in sustainable mobility. As a global manufacturer at the forefront of innovation and technology, BMW regards Formula E as a great platform in which to showcase our range of fully-electric and hybrid vehicles and to align our common goals. We are working on an agreement to finalise this partnership.”

With BMW entering Formula E as a sponsor, their commitment to electric vehicles continues to grow. How long before we see a BMW Formula E racer hitting the track as well?