With people willing to wait up to 18 months and pay 50% over MSRP to get a BMW i8 of their own, I think it’s safe to say that Bimmer was a winner on their hands. But is BMW willing to take its plug-in hybrid to the race track? So far we’ve got nothing official from BMW itself, but BMW Blog did come across this rendering by Jon Sibal of what an i8 race car might look like.

It’s everything you’d expect from a competitive version of the hybrid supercar, with a ground-scraping front lip, a lifted rear end, and a rear spoiler as big as a park bench. Sibal calls his creation the BMW i8 GT3, and though only a rendering, there’s reason to be hopeful if you’d like to see an i8 compete in motorsports. The BMW i8 has already been dubbed the official car of the Formula E series, and the automaker is also rumored to be working on a more powerful i8S or i9 to ring in its 100th birthday next year.

If it is going to happen though, it probably won’t be until 2016 at the soonest. With many potential racing seasons months, or even weeks away from beginning, BMW has yet to announce any plans for an i8 motorsports program. But that doesn’t keep us from hoping.