Built out of carbon fiber and featuring a rear-wheel drive electric drivetrain, the BMW i3 is the sportiest EV you can get under $70,000. That doesn’t mean there isn’t ample room for improvement though, and BMWBlog came across a modified i3 from Japan sporting a custom bodykit and unique wheels.

Called the BMW EVO i3 and built by tuners Eve Ryn, the bodykit brings the i3 a lot closer to the ground with an asphalt-scraping front splitter, side skirts, and a new rear diffuser that make it look a lot sportier than it is. Add a unique set blue and gunmetal-painted 20-inch wheels, and you’ve got a car easily at home at any sport compact car meet, at least in spirit if not in performance.

With rear-wheel drive and an optional range extender, the BMW i3 has left a favorable impression on consumers, especially compared to its main contender, the Mercedes B-Class Electric Drive. The addition of this bodykit shows there’s some interest in tuning the i3, and while no mechanical updates were made, those will come in time.

Other EVs, including the Nissan LEAF and Tesla Model S have also gotten the bodykit treatment, though the EV aftermarket is still in its infancy. Give it a few more years though, and we’ll see more electric car tuners giving us a whole slew of aesthetic and performance options for electric car owners wanting to stand out even more.