Things you pedal have been getting a lot of play on Gas 2 in recent months – from big wheels racing big city buses to e-bikes coming from Mercedes, Ford, and Yamaha (as well as a few student design projects showing what the future of bicycle commuting might look like).  Cars and motorcycles aren’t the only things that run on gasoline, though – boats do, too – but small fishing and boating enthusiasts typically turn towards a small outboard motor with questionable emissions controls. Questionable, that is, if there are any at all.

Option 2, of course, is paddle boats.  I love paddle boats, but the same “cons” that apply to cycling also apply to paddle boats.  This, of course, is why we have pedal-assisted electric bikes.  Making the sort of “Why didn’t I think of that!?” brilliant move that I wish I had, a small boating company called BionX has developed an electric-assisted paddle boat that may be perfect for recreational fishers and wildlife photographers looking for a quieter way to slink around lakes and rivers.

It’s called the SeaScape 12, and the tiny electric/paddle hybrid can help boaters (paddlers?) hit nearly 5 knots (about 4 mph) courtesy of a 250 w electric motor that can be fully charged from a standard outlet (or from a trailer hitch equipped with a power inverter) in under 3 hours.

The BionX SeaScape 12 (and extended range SeaScape 24!) should be available any day now, just in time for the outdoor seasons in the Southern US states.

Source:  TechVehi.