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Bike-engined Griiip G1 Delivers F1-style Thrills on the Cheap

Griiip Motorcycle Engine Race Car

If you’ve been looking for a legit, carbon-fiber, single-seat race car to tear up your local track day, then I have just thing. Meet the Griiip G1- an all-new spec racer powered by a 1000cc Aprilia V4 engine that puts out a healthy 201 HP at an ear-splitting thirteen-thousand RPM.

I don’t really need to tell you that flogging a Griiip G1 seems like an awesome way to spend a weekend, do I? I didn’t think so.


Griiip G1 Photo Gallery

They may not say this out loud, but most car enthusiasts secretly believe that they could rock a Formula 1 car- if only they’d been given a go-kart when they were ten. For around 50,000 Euro (less than the price of an optioned-up Mercedes C Class), Griiip G1 buyers can buy one of these tube-frame beasties and run it around a for-real race track against other Formula X buyers in a similar car. And, while dominance in the Italian Formula X series may not get you a race seat at the Scuderia, but it might be enough to make your parents regret prioritizing the mortgage over your karting ambitions. (ProTip: probably not.)

As for the G1, itself, it’s built on a chrome-moly steel spaceframe and powered by the aforementioned 201 HP Aprilia V4 mated to a 6-speed sequential gearbox. Like the Volkswagen XL Sport Concept and this Honda S600 Hot Rod, it’s an ultralight car mated to a motorcycle engine whose power is delivered to the wheels through a proprietary shaft drive that reduces maintenance compared to other bike-powered cars, which are usually chain driven. It may give the G1 a performance edge in the competitive Formula X series, too, considering a G1 won on the car’s debut race. (!)

You can watch that race happen in the video, below, then let us know what you think of this small-scale Formula 1 simulator in the comments section at the bottom of the page. And, yes- I already know it’s not particularly green, but- I dunno. Live a little.


Griiip G1 Debut Race Video

Source | Images:, Over-drive.

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