Driving a Tesla Model 3 is a luxurious experience, but like everything on wheels out there, the experience can be interrupted by a flat tire. The Model 3 doesn’t come with a spare tire, and you certainly don’t want to be stuck on the side of the road. So instead of waiting around for roadside recovery services, get yourself moving again with a tire repair kit.

What Are the Best Tire Repair Kits for Tesla Model 3?

Waiting for roadside assistance from Tesla can be frustrating and time-consuming. It is also only covered under warranty. So if your flat is the result of a puncture, or you want to balance tire pressure, the way to go is with a kit.

Straight From the Source: Tire Repair Kit

This tire repair kit made by Tesla comes with everything you’ll need to repair minor tire inconveniences. Compact and easy to use, simply plug in the air compressor into a 12V outlet to get started. The kit comes with a bottle of sealant, an inflation needle and nozzle, an air compressor, and a storage bag. Just because this was made by Tesla for a Tesla doesn’t mean you should rely on it as a permanent fix. You should only drive up to 186 miles on a repaired tire.

Best Overall Tire Repair Kit: BETOOLL Tire Repair Kit 22 Pcs

This is a simple but fully-equipped tire repair kit with all the tools and repair plugs you’ll need for your Model 3. The BETOOLL kit is made up of 22 pieces, including an insertion tool, spiral probe, hex key, and self-vulcanizing repair plugs.

With tools made from durable steel, this tire repair kit is easy to use and consists of instant sealant plugs for punctures or rips. A durable, compact carry case helps keep the tools organized. It is compact enough to fit in your Model 3’s trunk or glove compartment.

Best Budget Repair Kit: Slime 50107 Smart Spare Emergency Tire Repair Kit

Fix your Model 3’s tire with the Slime 50107 Smart Spare Emergency Tire Repair Kit without any jacks or extra tools! All you need is 15 minutes for a quick repair.

You can seal punctures that are up to 14″ in diameter with the Slime 50107’s tread area sealant. The inflator plugs into your Model 3’s 12v accessory port and includes a pressure gauge with 0 to 100 PSI metrics. It also has a 16 oz. bottle of non-toxic and flame-resistant sealant that’s non-corrosive to your wheel’s rims.

Best Portable Tire Repair Kit: Smittybilt 2733 Tire Repair Kit

The Smittybilt Tire repair kit for Tesla Model 3 contains a lubricant, extra valve stems, interior tire patches, and sidewall baling wire. Other tools in this easy-to-carry kit include 30 self-vulcanizing plugs, a folding knife, and a pair of needle-nose pliers. The tire kit comes within a soft pack that’s compact enough to be stowed in your Tesla Model 3’s trunk or glove compartment.

Best Heavy Duty Repair Kit: AUTOWN Tire Repair Kit

The AUTOWN tire repair kit has tools made from high-grade steel and contains upgraded tire patches for your Model 3’s tires. This kit ensures an airtight seal that will resist shock, corrosion, and other rugged conditions.

The 67-piece AUTOWN tire repair kit comes with a portable case that will easily fit in the truck. You’ll also get a T insert tool and T handle, a spiral probe, a tire pressure gauge, 40 self-vulcanizing plugs, chrome hex valves, extension valves, caps, hex tools, a folding knife, and pliers.

Best Premium Tire Repair Kit: Modern Spare Complete Compact Spare Tire kit

If you can pay top dollar for a repair kit, then the Modern Spare Complete Compact Spare Tire kit is the way to go. You can efficiently and speedily switch a busted tire with its aluminum alloy spare wheel with a rolling diameter of 26.5 inches.

The Complete Compact tire kit comes with a 4,000-pound ratcheting scissor jack that features a rubber contact point. A modern spare telescopic lug wrench handles multiple sockets and a sizeable disposable tire bag to put the flat tire into before placing it in your car for repair.


Fixing your flat tires independently costs you less money and frees your time in the long run. Not to mention, owning a tire repair kit adds to the general safety of your Tesla travels. So spend less time waiting for roadside assistance and more time cruising along in your Tesla. Just remember that any fix you make with a kit will have to be looked at by a professional. Get yourself to the mechanic as soon as you can!