I found this vanity plate (+ fake reactions) on the excellent Elon Musk public group on Facebook that someone recently invited me to, and despite seeing a lot of great Tesla (and other EV) vanity plates, I think this is my favorite:

u buy gas

As much as I like CYA OPEC, SOQUICK & SOQUIET (nice duo), YPMPGAS, POWERUP, and others, UBUYGAS really rocks it for me because I think it hits the trailing drivers in the gut more, and that presumably makes them think more.

Seriously, everyone hates buying gas. (Well, I imagine there are some psychos out there, but almost everyone.) U Buy Gas is just one of those simple statements that cuts straight to the heart of the matter and makes people question something so habitual they don’t consider changing. But they can change, and they can stop buying gas. And that is the beauty of electric cars, one of their biggest advantages (if not their biggest).

Discussing this and other matters with my friend Ovidiu Sandru of The Green Optimistic, here’s a great old ad for those of you changing the status quo:

In honor of some of the other great Tesla vanity plates out there, below are pics of the ones I quoted above, but here’s a longer list: The 10 Best Tesla Vanity Plates.