We previously discussed the best all-electric vehicle (EV) trip planners as well as the best Nissan Leaf trip planners. While the lessons learned in these articles can be utilized by anyone with an EV, we realize that they were not specifically geared towards Tesla drivers. In an effort to cover all the bases, here are the best Tesla trip planners.

Accuracy Matters

A kind-looking gentleman by the name of “Dave B” posted the following to the Tesla Motors Club forum last year:

“I’ve got a few trips coming up, and I was wondering if the more experienced owners could share their thoughts on the best way to guess how long a trip will take. Do you go with Tesla’s trip planner (Go Anywhere | Tesla) or EV Trip Planner? (EV Trip Planner)

I’ve got an upcoming trip from Alpharetta, GA to Waverly, NY, and Tesla’s site is guessing 17 hours 8 minutes, whereas EV Trip Planner is guessing almost exactly 15 hours. That’s a pretty big variation in time between the two, so I thought I’d throw it out to the community for their input.”

I agree with Dave, that is quite the variation in time. Most of the participants on the forum seemed to think that Tesla’s route planner was meant to be more of a marketing gimmick than an actual route planner. Among the users, there were two Tesla trip planners that really stood out: EV Trip Planner and A Better Route Planner (or ABRP).

EV Trip Planner

EV Trip Planner is tailor-made for Tesla drivers. This website will allow you to select your specific make and model of Tesla, tire size, cabin temperature, and even payload. Accurate algorithms will them map out your route based on either fastest route or fastest route with charging station locations. Additional settings will allow the user to avoid tolls, avoid highways, and even see estimates in metric measurements. That would definitely come in handy when traveling in Canada, eh…

A Better Route Planner

Image result for a better route planner logo

Participants on the Tesla Motors Club forum rave about A Better Route Planner (ABRP). Citing the website’s accuracy and ease of use, ABRP seems to be the planner of choice for Tesla enthusiasts. As we mentioned previously, ABRP utilizes various open source projects and databases to provide drivers with estimates on energy uses and charging locations. I really like the collaborative spirit of the website, it really makes one feel like they are contributing to the common good.

Plan B

No matter what, Tesla drivers may want to take a bit of advice from Tesla Motors Club forum participant “cpa” who writes:

“I would also offer up a suggestion to have a Plan B. Travelers just do not know today what the charging opportunities will be down the road, as it were. Once in a while a Supercharger is down completely or has limited availability. (Not trying to scare you!)”

Good advice my friend, good advice.

Who do our readers count on to plan their Tesla trips? Are there any other route planers that you would recommend? Please drop by the comments section below and let us know.

Source | Image: Tesla Motors