I’m kind of a sucker for car mods, especially when they’re done right. From aftermarket accessories to cool paint jobs, car mods can turn a stock model into something extra-special. I am also, a sucker for Youtube videos. Whether bored at work or just relaxing on the weekend, I have found Youtube to be an excellent place to go for education and entertainment. In an effort to save you time, I have put together a list of my favorite Tesla Model 3 mods. These are presented in no particular order. Enjoy!

Unbelievably Black Model 3

It’s as if the boys over at Tsportsline ordered a black Model 3 and said, “Naw. Not nearly black enough.” The team covered the car in gloss black chrome paint, added blackout tint, and switched the stock wheels out for gloss black “turbine style” wheels to complete this mod. I think saw Batman driving this thing down the street the other day…

Illuminated T for the Rear Emblem

Alright, this one is cool. We mentioned EVannex here in our list of the best Tesla blogs. In addition to offering quality aftermarket products for your Tesla and interesting articles on their website, EVannex also makes Youtube videos. Who knew? The video is a bit long, but the finished product is spectacular. As the company says in the video’s description:

“The EVANNEX Lighted T is a subtle yet unique way for you to add a bit of extra flair at the rear of your Tesla Model 3. When illuminated at dusk or at night, the Lighted T gives your Model 3 a head-turning effect. This lighting modification, custom designed exclusively for Model 3, provides a lighted halo effect around the Tesla T logo area. The Lighted T adds a striking accent to the back of your Model 3, but does it in a tasteful and understated manner.”

We agree!

A Model 3 Gets New Rims

Want to improve your Model 3’s already ridiculous 0-60 miles per hour capabilities? These awesome-looking lightweight rims may be what you’re looking for. Check out the comments below the video and argue with fellow car geeks about torque, mass, and a whole bunch of other concepts that I don’t understand at all. After all, half the fun of Youtube is reading the comments.


Holographic Chrome Wrap

Prediction: you are either going to love this one or hate it with a force of a thousand suns. No matter how you slice it, this Model 3 is going to turn heads when it drives by. I kind of like it. I would never in a million years drive it, but I think it looks kind of cool. Again, it’s worth a trip to the comments section below the video after watching. To quote Youtube commenter t0n4us, “Hey, haters gonna hate.”

What do our readers think about the mods featured in these videos? Any other Model 3 mods that you have seen that you would like to share? Would you consider actually having any of these mods done to your Model 3? Please leave a comment below and let us know.

Source | Image: Tesla Motors