Floormats. Few other topics have been the center of such interest and heated discussion. Who can forget the Great Floormat Dispute of 1789? How about the Floormat Wars in the 15th century that cost so many their lives? Okay, so floormats aren’t the most exciting thing to talk about. Still, they are important. If you think about it, you use your floormats every single time you get in the car. In an effort to stop the intense fighting and increase the peace, here’s a look at the best Tesla Model 3 floormats.

As Always, Consult the Tesla Motors Club Forum

Shots were fired on the Tesla Motors Club forum (have I mentioned lately how much I love that place), when user “gunners123” posed the following question:

“Hi All,
Trying to decide which floor mat to buy. Seems like there are several options available now but many vendors are not posting good pictures with the floor mats installed. If you have something installed, can you share the following details:

Floor Mat Vendor:

Floor Mat Cost:

And pictures! The more the better. I think it will be beneficial for all of us to see how these look installed on the car.” 

This seemed like a reasonable ask from fellow club members to me. User “MarkBrokeIt” did not appreciate the request.

“There are several threads on this topic already. You should go through those and pull the photos into this thread,” he replied.

This contribution from “MarkBrokeIt” doesn’t really have anything to do with this article, I just think it’s funny when people take offense to questions posted on Internet blogs.

Moving right along. The vast majority of contributors seem to prefer these MAXpider custom rubber floormats. They retail for $184.58 and get rave reviews. Accoding to the company:

“The mats that come in your new Model 3 are carpet and are not made for weather. It a bit difficult to keep carpet clean, so it’s very easy for your carpet mats to be constantly soiled. The MAXpider liners are heavier duty, made of rubber, and have raised edges to contain mud, snow, water, etc. When you need to clean it, all you need to do is hose it down, dry it off (or let it air dry), and put it back in your Model 3. Plus, the MAXpider liners complement the Model 3 VERY well – they have an understated look, and since they are black they match both the black and white interiors very well.”

Sounds good to me!

Another Option

The only other choice for custom Tesla Model 3 floormats that I could find comes to us straight from the official Tesla shop. These are slightly more expensive at $195 and I couldn’t find any reviews to speak of. One thing is for certain however, if it is being offered by Elon and Co. directly it is bound to be designed to fit well.

Do any of our readers have recommendations when it comes to Model 3 floormats? Does it infuriate anyone else when random strangers on the Internet ask questions that may or may not have been asked in the past? Please leave us a comment and share your thoughts.

Source | Image: Tesla Motors