Small businesses drive the economy. Small and medium enterprises (SME) make up a sizable chunk of our country’s business landscape. Several things go into running a successful business. One of the most important things is finding an excellent vehicle to incorporate into your business.

Finding the right car is heavily dependent on the nature of your business, and if you are looking for an electric vehicle, Teslas are by far the best EVs on the market. The question begs, which Tesla is best for your business?

​Picking the Right Vehicle

Any Tesla would work well in a business environment. Still, there is always a model that shines above the rest when you need it for a specific purpose. So let’s take a look at what the best Tesla is for business.

​Resale Value

Like any other business asset, business-owned vehicles need to retain their original purchase value for as long as possible. When an asset loses its value too quickly, investors will be wary of funding your business. Fortunately, all Teslas have great resale value for many reasons.

These reasons include:

  • Most Teslas have a two-year warranty.
  • An electric motor is much easier to maintain than a gasoline engine.
  • There are thousands of Tesla service stations around the US.

One of the most significant determining factors for an electric car’s resale value is its battery capacity. But Tesla batteries are a bit different. While Tesla batteries are built well and give you thousands of miles before they start petering out, Tesla often upgrades the batteries in newer cars. This means that a new Model 3 bought in 2020 will give you more miles on a single charge than a 2019 Model 3, but regardless of the year, you are still getting a quality Tesla battery.

Instead, look at the interior of the EV. Purchasing the vegan leather option for Models X and S will likely give you a better resale value. The vegan leather interior is more expensive but also more durable. The vegan leather also retains its clean, premium look for years with proper care.

​Headcount and Cargo Space

As a business car, regardless of what business you need it for, your vehicle will need to transport people from time to time. For this reason, you’ll need lots of cabin space. Standard Tesla models come with a total of five seats. However, the Model X gives you an advantage with the option to add a third row of two seats. This creates more seating space without hampering legroom, but you will lose cargo space with this additional option.

Your business car might also need to carry luggage, meeting gear, and supplies. You’ll therefore need as much trunk space as you can get. The Model X has the advantage again since it has a bigger trunk space than other Tesla models. The Tesla Model X is an SUV giving you more legroom for passengers.

​Low Maintenance Costs

Every dollar counts in business, so you must get a vehicle with good fuel economy and low maintenance costs. Fortunately, all Teslas are much more cost-effective to maintain compared to other cars in similar categories. We can attribute this to two main factors:

  • Electric motors have fewer parts. Fewer parts, along with the fact that Tesla has tax exemptions for most of their parts, make Teslas more affordable to service. If you’re within your two-year warranty, the cost to maintain is even lower.
  • Charging an electric car is also significantly cheaper than fueling a gasoline-powered car. Tesla superchargers are free to use in some cities in North America. Gas prices are unstable and are subject to increase every time there’s unrest in oil-producing countries, making electric cars your more reliable option.

The easiest Tesla to maintain is the Model 3. The Model 3 has the least expensive parts and is generally more durable. For example, Tesla recommends air condition service for Models X and Y every four years. For Model 3, they recommend six years. Coupled with the fact that the Model 3 is the best selling Tesla, it is easier to get the necessary parts for a repair.

​Purchase Price

It is wise to consider the car’s purchase and maintenance costs against its value for your business. For example, it would be wasteful to spend $85,000 on a Model S and use it as a cab. For half that amount, you can get a Model 3, which has all the specs that you would need for a cab. Even purchasing a Model 3 to ferry company executives may not be the right choice for your business’ image. A good balance between function, comfort, and price needs to be struck to get the ideal Tesla for your business.


Regardless of your business type or size, you can not go wrong with a Tesla as a business car. The Model X is especially impressive because of its large storage space and possible seven-seater cabin. Small businesses that cannot afford to buy or maintain a Model X will have a similar experience with the Tesla Model 3.