Scratches on the glossy factory finish and visible fingerprints and smudges take away the idyllic shine of your Tesla Model 3 center console. If you want to preserve your center console’s visual appeal, a center console wrap is essential.

We have compiled a list of the best places that you can source a center console wrap. Furthermore, all the companies on the list offer consoles that are manufactured specifically for Tesla vehicles.


Electrek is an online store that offers its shoppers exclusively Tesla items and accessories, including center console wraps and covers. They offer two wrap options for the Tesla Model 3 center console:

The EVWraps Center Console Wrap

The EVWraps Center Console Wrap is a simple center console wrap for your vehicle. It is made of 2080 3M vinyl material that will reduce the sight of fingerprints on your center console. It offers protection against scratches and destruction from spills.

This wrap seamlessly blends in with the interior of your Model 3, the glossy finish of your Tesla’s center console is great, but this wrap will make the whole car better in terms of its appearance. Installation can be tricky, but never fear; if you mess up, Electrek will ship another wrap to you for free.

The RSZX Center Console ABS

The RSZX is an excellent option if you have a little more cash to spend on your center console wrap. Purchasing the RSZX center console cover will help you avoid installation issues as it is a plastic cover made of ABS material. Traditional vinyl wraps are known for their difficulty during installation.

The cover is available in various colors, including carbon fiber, piano white, and matte black. The RSZX center console retains the glossy factory finish of your Tesla while managing to repel fingerprints.


Abstractocean is a Tesla accessory online store that offers several accessories, including one center console wrap. All wraps are cut using commercial vinyl cutters to cut the wrapping pieces symmetrically and professionally.

Center Console Vinyl Wrap for Model 3

This vinyl wrap will protect your center console from scratches and reduce the annoying sight of fingerprints on the console. It is a top-rated vinyl wrap and comes with an extra wrap for rear port panels.

The vinyl is a 3M 2080 film, and the purchase includes a tool for applying the wrap on the center console, preventing it from tearing during installation. This wrap is a durable product that will last you a long time.

RPM; Tesla Aftermarket Accessories

RPM is a renowned seller of Tesla accessories, including a range of center console wraps for you to choose from.

Shadow Black Console Wrap for Model 3

Made from 3M 1080 vinyl material, this 3-bar decal is a self-installing wrap that will elevate the look of your center console. The wrap is matte black with a camo-like pattern. The pattern is a bit textured, making it different compared to most center console wraps. Shadow Black will also not scratch or retain fingerprints.

Black Matrix Console Wrap for Model 3

The Black Matrix wrap is matte black with a honeycomb pattern adding texture to the wrap. Depending on the amount of light reflecting on it, the wrap can be super vibrant or very subtle. The Black Matrix is a 3M 1080 vinyl wrap, and it is quite easy to install on your center console.

Glossy 3M Center Console Wrap PPF

The Glossy keeps the factory finish glossy shine of your center console while protecting from scratches and fingerprints. It is an invisible layer of protection and will completely cover your center console. The wet installation method is used, and the seller provides the soap concentrate needed for accurate installation.


Center console wraps for the Tesla Model 3 are available in various colors, designs and materials. It all depends on how customized you want the center console of your Model 3 to look and even feel. Regardless of the wrap, you choose, installing a wrap will protect your center console for many years to come.