In continuing with our series, today we bring you the best places to find Tesla Model S aftermarket wheels. Having identified the best places to find Model 3 and Model X aftermarket wheels previously, we figured it was only fair. After all, we Tesla enthusiasts owe a lot to the company’s flagship sedan. Would Tesla be where it is today without this iconic ride? I’m guessing not, at least not as we know it. If you’re lucky enough to be the proud owner of a Tesla Model S, here are the best places to find aftermarket wheels for your ride.

Element Wheels

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I really like the way the folks at Element Wheels have set up their website. They make it possible to search thousands of custom rims for your Model S by year and model. They even have high-quality photos of their wheels with tires mounted on them so you can see what the finished project looks like before you buy. Element is committed to finding the lowest price and providing excellent customer service. All of Element’s non-clearance wheels come with a manufacturer’s warranty and the company will even install your wheels for you in their full service shop. If you’re ever find yourself in Chandler, AZ, stop by and say hello!


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We mentioned CARiD in our list of best places to find Model X aftermarket wheels. They have a wide array of wheels in stock and probably the best price-matching policy I have been able to find. CARiD lets you shop by year, make, model, and price making the process very easy for the buyer. I like the fact that they have pictures and reviews of all of their wheels so easily accessible to view, but I do wish that there were more examples of installed products to look at. All in all, CARiD gets good reviews from buyers and has an excellent rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). I wouldn’t hesitate to buy from them if I were in the market.


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In addition to the cool name (images of a gnarly muscle car with its wheels on fire come to mind), Wheelfire has an attractive website with an easy to use search function. Wheelfire accepts a wide array of credit cards as well as Paypal for all purchases, and even offers financing for potential buyers. What really sets Wheelfire apart from the competition at least for me is their military discount policy. The company offers substantial discounts for military members of all branches. This includes Active Duty, Reservists, Veterans, Retirees, and their immediate family members. Even military members currently serving overseas can take advantage of this discount! I really appreciate this gesture, it shows that they actually care.

What do our readers think about this list of the best places to buy Model S aftermarket wheels? Anyone out there ever buy from any of these companies and care to share their experience? Are there any other companies out there offering Model S aftermarket wheels that you feel should have made the cut? Please drop by the comments section below and let us know.

Source | Images: Element Wheels / EV Wheel Direct / CARiD / Wheelfire