We brought you a list of the best places to find a spoiler for your Tesla earlier this month. Today we take a look at some of the best places to find Tesla Model 3 aftermarket wheels. Many aftermarket wheels are designed to fit several different types of car. The most expensive wheels can cost in excess of $5,000 a piece, at least according to successstory.com. We’ll try and keep the price a bit below that when recommending vendors for your Tesla Model 3 aftermarket wheels.

EV Wheel Direct

EV Wheel Direct was started by Tesla owners with extensive experience in the car wheel business. The company provides high-quality turbine wheels directly to the customer and has over 100,000 sales to speak of. While EV Wheel Direct does offer products for other makes, it is obvious that they are a very Tesla-centric company. Most of their offerings are designed specifically for the various Tesla models. The only potential downside I see to buying from EV Wheel Direct is that they only provide email support and not phone or in-person support. I guess I appreciate this method as a business strategy because they do so to keep costs down, but I can also see how this could be frustrating for the customer.


Image result for evannex logo

Evannex does one thing and one thing only: Tesla aftermarket. We mentioned Evannex and their awesome blog in our list of the 5 best Tesla blogs on the Internet today. In addition to a team of writers that I enjoy reading, it turns out Evannex also employs a substantial team of both sales and customer service professionals to help with your orders. I love the company’s story. Evannex (which stands for Electric Vehicle Annex) is a family business whose success has brought the various members of the Pressman clan together from all over the country. You can read all about this fantastic story here.

EV Tuning


We mentioned EV Tuning in our list o the best places to find an aero wheel cap kit for your Model 3. I love the fact that they employ someone who is seemingly always trolling the Tesla Motors Club forum to drum up new business. I really appreciate the hustle! EV Tuning does offer parts and accessories for other car brands, but their focus is certainly all-things Tesla. Most of the products offered by EV Tuning come from warehouses within the U.S. and are shipped in days. For nerds like me who read blogs about electric vehicles, the company has a pretty good one on their website as well. Their site also features a nice array of high-quality photos that have been taken by actual customers. They also accept a litany of payment methods including credit and debit card, Apple Pay, and Paypal. Talk about making things easy!

Have any of our readers ever ordered Model 3 aftermarket wheels or any other items from any of the companies profiled today? Are there any other companies that you would recommend for your aftermarket wheel needs? Please leave us a comment below and let us know.

Source | Images: Tesla Motors / EV Wheel Direct / Evannex / EVTuning