We’ve made suggestions on accessories to consider and places to find parts for your Tesla in the past. Today we take a bit more of a holistic approach to finding various Tesla aftermarket items.

Back in April of this year, a participant named “Michael 101” posed the following question to the Tesla Motors Club forum:

“Hi All,
What are the best aftermarket parts for a Model S? I just bought a CPO 2015 Model S 90D. This is my 2nd Model S and so I knew I needed Norm’s cubby drawer. I also bought Norm’s parcel shelf butler. I found a used OEM Tesla center console online and am buying it, I heard Taptes falls apart and I don’t care for the Evanex design. I also bought the Chademo adapter direct from Tesla. What other accessories are must haves?”

An excellent question, sir.

One user who shall remained nameless suggested that our friend invest in this rear console for the small sum of $449.00. My idea of “must haves” may differ slightly from this particular user, but I do thank them for introducing me to this website.


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According to the company’s website:

“EVamped originated from one man’s desire to have a place for his beverages in the rear seats of the Tesla Model S. Prior to 2016, the Tesla Model S was not equipped with factory-installed rear cup holders for beverage storage. Instead, rear passengers were challenged with the grueling task of holding their beverages with the risk of making their hands extremely warm or cold (depending on the beverage of choice). However, we at EVamped exclaimed, “enough is enough” and proceeded to create our first product: The EVamped Rear Console.”

While I’m not interested in cup holders that cost $500, there are a bunch of cool items on this website. Products are categorized by Tesla model and and there are several “how-to” installation videos on their website. Definitely worth a look if you’re into Tesla aftermarket swag.


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I hate to do it friends, I really do. Still, it can’t be denied that Amazon remains the undisputed heavyweight champ of online shopping. This status extends to all things Tesla, with Elon and Co. having their very own page dedicated to them on the site. You really can’t beat Amazon Prime, it is certainly worth the money.


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I kept coming across this name in various threads on the Tesla Motors Club forum. Participants rave about the craftsmanship and customer service that Norm provides. Unlike the behemoth that is Amazon, Norm is an individual person from Rio Verde, Arizona  who handcrafts various cubby holders specifically for the different Tesla models. After plugging Norm on this blog I feel much better endorsing Amazon in any way shape or form.

What do our readers think about these aftermarket Tesla vendors? Have you personally ordered anything for your Tesla from any of them? Are there any other that you feel should have made the cut? Please leave us a comment below and let us know.

Source | Images: Tesla Motors / EVamped.com / Amazon.com / Wikimedia Commons