Purchasing a Tesla is a significant investment, and as such, it’s vital to protect its value. You will get more pleasure and your money’s worth with an electric vehicle that’s clean and smart inside and out.

The interior carpeting is one such part of your Tesla that takes a lot of punishment. Investing in custom floor mats makes sense, especially if you purchase all-weather, stylish, and durable mats.

When you take care and invest in your car, you’ll maintain its value should you decide to resell it. This guide explores the best places to buy custom floor mats for your Tesla.

What are the Attributes of the Best Custom Floor Mats for a Tesla

Whichever Model of Tesla EV you own, custom floor mats should fit its interior décor and complement your car’s aesthetic design. The best mats must cover as much of the car’s carpet as possible and be able to absorb spills.

Stylish custom mats shouldn’t crack or curl with time and must feature skid marks that prevent them from moving around beneath your car seat. The best mats will form a barrier between your Tesla’s undercarriage and your cabin while also offering support against foot fatigue.

Tesla floor mats will comprise a set of two front and two rear car carpet coverings. Besides aligning with your car’s interior carpeting, custom floor mats are made from non-toxic, safe material and contain no cadmium, PVC, or latex.

Finding the best custom floor mats for your Tesla will result in wear-resistant, high density, and flexible mats that stay versatile at all temperatures. The best mats will be resistant to rain, dirt or snow, and be rugged enough not to shed while staying in place. Flexible custom floor mats have the attribute of being easy to clean by just wiping them down.

The Best Places to Buy Custom Floor Mats for a Tesla

The Tesla EV has four models in circulation; the Model 3, Model S, Model Y, and Model X. Custom mats for each Model are three-dimensional, fitting into your cabin floor design to eliminate raised edges.

Not only do the best custom floor mats blend in perfectly with your Tesla’s interior, but they are also made from safe materials like carbon fiber and thermoplastic rubber.

The best places to buy custom floor mats for a Tesla include;

Weathertech for Tesla Models 3, S, Y, and X

Weathertech is a household name for Tesla owners, and they are one of the most trusted names that work with the EV companies to keep cars in top condition. Weathertech makes custom floor mats for Tesla electric cars, including models S, 3, Y, and X.

The Tesla website sells these floor mats directly to consumers. You can spot Weathertech’s durable mats by the manufactures logo that’s imprinted on the mat’s underside. Tesla presents this brand as the top choice of mat for its toughness, durability, style, and Model fit precision.

TuxMat for Tesla Model 3

The TuxMat is specifically designed for your car. Using a sophisticated laser scanner that then produces a 3D model, each mat is molded to fit your Tesla. The TuxMat provides the ultimate protection consistent with your vehicle’s surface texture. These mats complement your car’s interior while enhancing safety and floor protection.

Custom floor mats from TuxMat are guaranteed to wear and tear much slower than other options, and they come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Luxe Floor Mats for Tesla Model S

Luxe floor mats are custom-designed for luxury, with ultra-plush 48-ounce per yard material that’s very much appreciated by Tesla Model S owners. You can cover every floor surface in your Tesla Model S with these made in the U.S. custom mats.

Luxe floor mats are made from premium grade Scotchgard™ yarn in the deepest pile, making them heavy and thick. The Luxe custom floor mats are ½ inch thick with a multi-layer urethane core for extra cushioning. This provides comfort and ample foot support, especially on long trips in your Model S. But the custom mats only come in black.

These mats add a level of quality and refinement to the plush interior of your Tesla.

Intro-Tech Hexomat for all Tesla Models

While costing much less than their competitors, these floor mats from Intro-Tech Hexomat won’t compromise quality or protection. These mats provide more floor coverage in your Tesla and are customized to fit without annoying raised edges.

Wall to wall protection is provided by these custom mats that effectively contain spills to maintain your car’s carpeting. These mats will provide ample coverage, but they lack the high sides that other mats offer. Additionally, Intro-Tech Hexomat mats split the cost difference between Model specific liners and a universal Tesla product.


Your Teslas carpet takes a beating from the grind of shoes, spills, and other crumbly crumbs. Not only does this create the impression that your car is ill-kept, but worn out. Dirty and worn carpeting can also drive down the resell value of your Tesla.

Discovering the best places to buy custom floor mats for your Tesla is the first step towards protecting and maintaining your vehicle’s aesthetic worth.