I’ve been fortunate the few times I’ve been careless with the charging cable for my beloved Nissan Leaf. I hate to admit it, but there have been times when I’ve left the charging cable on my driveway instead of storing it properly because I was late for work. And to think: any weirdo could have charged their all-electric vehicle (EV) for free at my expense! The least expensive level 1 charging cables seem to run around $150. Not a princely sum, but not chump change either. If you’re concerned about your charging cable being stolen or used improperly, here are the best EV charging cable locks.

When to Use an EV Charging Cable Lock

I found an interesting thread posted to the InsideEVs forum last year. A user who lives in a townhouse was seeking advice from fellow EV owners about charging his vehicle in a semi-public location. While I didn’t get the feeling that this participant’s neighborhood was high-traffic or particularly crime-ridden, I think his concerns about having his EV charging cable stolen or damaged are quite legitimate. I live in a very safe, somewhat secluded neighborhood and I must admit that I have been somewhat hesitant to leave my charging cable out in the open on my driveway.

This is a concern for many owners and perspective buyers, especially considering that most automakers are trying desperately to expand EV ownership in urban markets. What are EV owners to do if they need to leave their cars in the open?

What Our Friends Across the Pond Do

Being the stubborn American that I am, I don’t like to admit it when I find a Brit who’s in the know. That being said, I can’t deny that whoever wrote this article for EVCableShop.com knows what they are talking about. The author first suggests a few simple solutions using a padlock. Among these suggestions are to buy a chain with a sleeve, wrap it around the EV charging cable and then the spokes of the front tire. You can then lock the padlock to the chain and your charger will be secure!

A Bit Fancier Solution

If you don’t like those solutions, there are products that will keep your charger from being stolen. This charging lock from CapturePro will keep unauthorized users from disconnecting your charging cable from your car. This level 2 charger from Clipper Creek comes with a built in cable management system that includes a lock for the charging cable. No matter what you decide, there are plenty of options for every budget.

What do our readers think are the best EV cable charging locks? Has anyone out there ever had a problem with charging their EV in a public setting? What method(s) do you use to secure your charger when parking in a garage is not an option? What are some additional ways that EV charging equipment can be secured, especially in more urban and high-traffic environments?

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Source | Image: Nissanusa.com