Earlier in the year, we brought you lists of both the top 5 Tesla blogs and the top 5 Chevy Bolt blogs. Today we shift gears a bit and bring you the top 5 best BMW i3 forums. Since its original release in 2014, sales of BMW’s first all-electric vehicle (EV) have been growing at a nice pace. The company has improved battery range dramatically and cool new features like wireless mobile device charging and mobile wi-fi hotspot capabilities will soon be available for new owners. If you’re as interested in the i3 as we are, here are the top 5 best BMW i3 forums.

1. Inside EVs Forum

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We here at enrg.io do love Inside EVs. They have great articles and heavily trafficked forum where users can discuss all things EV. Each EV (including the BMW i3) has its own section of the forum, making it easy to navigate from car to car. I’m going to stop praising the competition now, I do want to keep my job!

2. AV Forums Electric Car Section

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We mentioned the electric car section of the AV Forums website in our list of the top 10 best EV forums. While the forum is not dedicated specifically to the i3 or EVs in general, there are a ton of posts about the i3 to search through. Like I said before, the people who frequent the AV Forums seems to be pretty friendly. I don’t usually see many insults flying around there, unlike some other forums I can think of…

3. BMWi Bimmerpost Forum

BMW i3 BMW i8

I really like the way this forum is laid out and designed. Each electric BMW make has its own section and other topics such as photography and religion can be discussed in the “off-topic” sections. If I may offer my dear readers some advice: stay away from the politics section! It’s a tad bit…toxic.

4. MyBMWi3 Forum

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You are in no danger of getting into any political discussions on the MyBMWi3 forum. The threads on the MyBMWi3 forum are broken down into six simple categories: General Discussions, i3 Rex Specific, Technical Discussions, Problems and Troubleshooting, Modifications and Accessories, and Local and Regional Discussions. This forum is all business and the participants are only there to discuss their Bavarian beauties. I found the MyBMWi3 forum quite useful when I was researching the things to keep in mind when buying a used i3.

5. Speak EV BMW i3 Section

Speak EV - Electric Car Forums

Our final go-to for discussion about all things BMW i3 is the BMW i3 section of the Speak EV website. Speak EV is a forum that is dedicated solely to all-electric vehicles. Like the Inside EVs forum, Speak EV is broken down into sections by individual car. The site claims to have over 21,000 registered users who have made almost 900,000 posts to date. That’s a wealth of knowledge in my opinion!

Do any of our readers frequent any of these forums on a regular basis? What are your dislikes and dislikes about them? Are there any other forums where the i3 is a topic of discussion that you would like to mention? Please leave us a comment and let us know.

Source | Images: BMWUSA.com / Inside EVs / AV Forum / BMWi Bimmerpost Forum / MyBMWi3 Forum / Speak EV