Off The Chain Beer Bike

Courtesy of Off The Chain beer bus company, Sacramento

The pub crawl is so last century. Modern suds chuggers want to get a little exercise while they guzzle. Turns out, there’s an app for that! It’s called the beer bus, a pedal-powered pachyderm that lets patrons drink and drive and do it legally.

Last week, Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill into law approving the use of beer buses on public streets. And to emphasize the point, he signed it while riding on an Off The Chain beer bus in the state capitol, Sacramento. According to the Urban Dictionary, the #1 definition of “off the chain” is: a great deal of fun. That seems to be a perfect summary for a beer bus ride.

The beer bus is not some cobbled up conveyance built by amateurs with a good beer buzz on. In fact, it is a thoroughly modern vehicle manufactured to the highest standards and captained by a professional crew. Here’s the list of notable features on the Off The Chain beer bus:

  • Room for up to 15 of your friends and/or co-workers.
  • Hosted by two staff members (a Chauffeur and Tour Concierge).
  • Electric assist to make your ride not all about the pedaling (if desired).
  • A misting system to keep you cool on hot summer days and nights.
  • Crisp and clear sound elite stereo system.
  • On-board karaoke. Do you have what it takes to sing your heart out?
  • LED lighting system to light up the night and be seen safely (and stylishly).
  • Adjustable seats and seat backs for riders of all sizes.
  • On-board tap system and built-in ice chest (concierge will keep you from getting parched).
  • Engineered with whisper ride technology (hear your friends, not the bike bus), a full suspension ensuring a smooth ride and a commitment to both passenger safety and comfort.
  • Made in the USA.

So, what is the new law all about? Here’s a breakdown from Time Out LA:

1. The new bill “expands the definition of pedicab to include a device which is primarily pedal-powered, has a seating capacity of not more than 15 passengers, and cannot travel faster than 15 miles per hour.” There are some additional safety and licensing requirements in there as well.

2. The bill “provides that if a city allows alcohol to be consumed on board, the operator shall also provide an on-board adult safety monitor”—think Designated Driver.

Beer bikes were invented a few years ago in the Netherlands where there is a city that prides itself on its excellent beer-making skills — Amsterdam. Since then, they have become popular in many world cities. And now, visitors to the Golden State can enjoy an authentic beer bike ride without interference from the minions of the law.

Ah, California — always boldly leading civilization forward into the future, ready or not!