There’s not a huge story here, but I couldn’t pass up sharing it (especially with relatives in Tacoma who are big Seahawks fans). Basically, a big Seattle Seahawk fanatic + United Airlines pilot who now owns a Tesla Model S decided to make his car a more playful and eye-catching beast.

As others on the Tesla Motors Club forum noted and I agree, wraps like this often don’t look too hot (read: tacky), but this one seems well done. (And note: I’m not personally a Seahawks fan.) That said, it’s certainly not for everyone, and I’d stick with brown, green, titanium metallic, midnight silver metallic, blue, black, or white over something like this. But to each their own, and I do like that this will bring even more attention to Tesla.

To whet your appetite, one pic of the Tesla Model S in “Beast Mode” is below. To see the others, as well as discussion about the look, Texas, and the “12th man,” head on over to the TMC forum thread where the owner dropped four pics.

Seahawks Tesla