One of the mental stumbling blocks most people have with EVs has been the long charge time that interrupts long trips. Granted, even with a 2-hour quick charge system in place, that’s a real issue (and if you don’t believe that, spend 2 hours at a Flying J truckstop getting ultra-murdered). That’s what makes battery-swap systems so exciting: the promise of clean power, instant-on electric torque, the ability to charge up from nuthin’ to full capacity and GO in about the time it takes to go potty.


Renault and Project Better Place already have their system in operation NOW in a few countries, and Matra – manufacturer of small bikes and light electric vehicles – just launched theirs.

Called the Bat’Lib system, Matra’s system is a rolling 10-slot cabinet that holds and charges nine “standardized” battery packs (the 10th slot accepts your spent battery, obviously). Each battery, roughly the size of a breadbox (20 questions reference!) and weighing about 15 pounds, can be swapped out in second, offering the same sort of “limitless” range that ICE drivers tend to associate with a fresh tank of gas.

You know we love electric scoots here at Gas 2, so you can only imagine how jazzed we are about this guy. Well, I am excited.

Full press release, below.

European e-mobility leaders DBT and Matra Showcase Battery Swapping Station for Electric Bikes and Scooters

DBT CEV, one of the largest electric vehicle charging infrastructure firms in Europe, and Matra, a leading manufacturer of Light Electric Vehicles will introduce today at the Electric Vehicle Symposium (EVS26) press conference a unique solution in e-mobility : the Bat’Lib system, an innovative battery swapping station for e-bikes and e-scooters.

The Bat’Lib station allows a user to exchange an empty battery for a full one in less than 10 seconds rather than waiting a few hours for the empty battery to recharge. This intuitive and simple-to-use system eliminates one of the major barriers to electric vehicle use-recharging time-and is ideally suited for electric bike and scooter commercial fleet owners, tour companies, and vehicle sharing programs. Bat’Lib also enables the development of a variety of new business models for renting or leasing batteries and charging services separately from the vehicle purchase.

The Bat’Lib swapping station features ten battery charging ports and its small footprint minimizes space requirements. One port is always kept open to accept a new empty battery while the remaining ports can simultaneously charge nine batteries. The system can be limited to registered users through an RFID system. Upon arrival, the driver removes the empty battery from the vehicle, swipes the RFID card, and inserts the empty battery into the open port. Upon receiving the empty battery, the Bat’Lib immediately opens the door for one of the fully-charged batteries which is ready for immediate use.

The Matra-designed battery pack is built by Chicago-based AllCell Technologies and utilizes AllCell’s proprietary passive thermal management technology, which increases energy density, enhances safety, and dramatically extends battery cycle life.

The two-wheeler swapping station will support the proliferation of new urban mobility solutions in parallel to the current growing selection of electric and plug-in electric cars in the US. By tailoring new charging infrastructure to urban transportation needs, DBT and Matra have created a practical solution for users looking for an affordable and environmentally-friendly alternative for their transportation needs.

Hervé Borgoltz, President of DBT CEV, states: “After several successful collaborations within the field of innovative EV charging with Matra, we believe that we needed to address all electric mobility needs, not only focusing on charging solutions for the electric car driver but also for users willing to make a difference at the local level with smaller vehicles. Thanks to this joint project with Matra, DBT CEV is able to offer a truly comprehensive portfolio of innovative charging solutions.”

Jacques Bonneville, President of Matra MS, states: “The Light Electric Vehicle Market today is leading the global EV market. Two wheelers will continue to play a major role in solving city congestion in US and European markets for years to come. DBT’s expertise in EV charging and Matra’s advanced batteries and vehicles will allow efficient and affordable mobility solutions for fleets and resorts.”

Source: Matra.