Eve moped concept from Bandit Nine

The bike you see here is a moped concept called Eve. Built by Daryl Villanueva of China’s Bandit Nine motorcycle shop, the bare metal, Honda-powered, bullet-shaped ultralight is absolutely stunning. Stunning, and destined for limited production. Interested? Read on.

Bandit Nine’s Eve is built on a 1967 Honda SS, which is similar in layout to the Honda Cub sold all over the world. Bikes like the Sachs MadAss and the (now, actually a production thing you can buy) MotoPed use the same engine/transmission because there are bajillions of them on Earth, and possibly a few on Venus. They’re fun, durable bikes that embody the Honda ideal, in other words, and they have more than enough power to blitz heavy urban traffic while giving back more than 100 MPG.

So, Bandit Nine did a good job in picking a base- from there, they fashioned a slick, shiny body, fixed some wire wheels from a big boy bike front and rear with clean-looking drum brakes, and gave the little Eve concept a serious polishing job. All told, the Eve should sell for about $4600 US, if the Bandit guys decide there’s enough interest- and, frankly, how could there not be?

What do you guys think? Is this the best looking $4600 bike money can buy, or is there a better way to spend that cash? Let us know what you think, and post pics of what you’re talking about. While you do that, check out a few more photos of Bandit Nine’s BMW boxer build, below.


Sources | Photos: BanditNine, via MotoLady and Silodrome.