The genius designers at Italy’s Bad Bike have just released an electric bicycle with a sidecar mounted to it. This is a huge deal, and anyone who buys one will lose hours, days – maybe even weeks of their life explaining their rig to strangers and new friends because, make no mistake: sidecars are sexy.

If you don’t believe in the near-universal appeal of the sidecar, head to a Mods and Rockers rally on one of these, or visit Daytona during Bike Week and you’ll see. Oh, you’ll see.

Bad Bike’s rig is called the Beach Vintage Side, playing off the bicycle’s cruiser-style frame and relaxed, beach-rental handlebars. Your pedal-power gets amplified by a 250W electric motor that will push you and a (small) friend at about 15 MPH. For those of you who are really eager to endanger your child and/or pet, however, a 500W version is available that in some areas, will require a motorcycle license (!?).

At about $3300 (2400 Euro), the Beach Vintage Side isn’t terribly expensive as high-end bikes go, and it’s definitely got “the look.” Or, maybe it’s too bulky for real-world use in any kind of major city? What do you guys think? Let us know whether or not you’d strap your kids fluffy dogs into the sidecar in the comments, below. Enjoy!


Source | Photos: Bad Bike, via Motorpasion.