Author: Zachary Shahan

Plug-In Cars = 60% Of New Car Sales In Norway In September

[Originally published on CleanTechnica] Exponential electric vehicle adoption has been at play in Norway for several years. I remember attending AVERE’s EVS27 in Barcelona back in late 2013 and the hottest news of previous months had been Norway achieving stunning EV market share milestones. That September and October, plug-in vehicles had risen to 7% and 8% market share! (As you’ll se...

Tesla Model 3 Already Whooping Gasmobile A**

Via CleanTechnica: At the beginning of the month, Tesla noted that it had gotten Model 3 production up to 2,000 cars a week at the end of March. More recently, Tesla CEO Elon Musk told CBS that Tesla had produced 2,070 Model 3s in the week leading up to April 10. If you assume Tesla stalls at approximately 2,000 cars a week for the whole month, that’s still over 8,000 Model 3 electric super-...

Model 3 Deep Dive Video From Model 3 Owners Club — Part Three

Zachary completes our review of the in depth video by Model 3 Owners Club of the new Tesla Model 3.

All Jaguar Models Will Have An Electric Motor By 2020

Jaguar says every car it makes will be a hybrid, plug-in hybrid, or battery electric car starting in 2020. That's not so far away, folks!

Motor Trend Pours Love On Tesla Model 3

Motor Trend got a chance to drive the Tesla Model 3 before the official reveal. There report raves about the car.

The Tesla Model 3 Versus The Audi A3, A4, A5, & S3 Models

Even that title looks like a looming disaster for Audi. It's like when Lionel Messi takes on several opponents at once as if that would make it fair ... but then humiliates them all.

Up To 50% Of Current EV Drivers Plan To Get A Tesla Model 3 Next (CleanTechnica Report)

With over 100,000 reservations logged in under 24 hours — before the car was even unveiled — it doesn’t take six polls to uncover which electric car tops the list of “expected next EV model.” Nonetheless, the Tesla Model 3 didn’t single-handedly account for the majority of answers for that question, and seeing the precise “future car” split according to 6 six very different EV-driving groups is fa...

GAS2 Report: “Electric Cars: What Early Adopters & First Followers Want”

We here at CleanTechnica, EV Obsession, and GAS2 are launching our first report. It’s a report that was made possible by the thousands of readers who completed a handful of surveys we created to dive deeper into the electric car market. I think the report, Electric Cars: What Early Adopters & First Followers Want, fills a number of important information gaps, and includes many interestin...

Electric Car Owners Are HUGELY Satisfied With Their Cars (Charts)

Originally published on EV Obsession. I often write about the many advantages of electric cars over gasmobiles for consumers, but perhaps the best argument for their superiority simply lies in how satisfied owners are with their cars. Survey after survey finds that electric car owners are very happy with their cars. In fact, Chevy Volt owners were the drivers most satisfied with their cars for two...

Extra $25,000 Off A Model X Thanks To Tax Loophole?

Via EV Obsession: Well, Fred Lambert has stumbled across a very interesting possibility. We all know that there are a ton of ridiculous tax loopholes out there. We also tend to figure that they don’t benefit “the good guys,” but sometimes they can. Fred has pointed out that what is informally referred to as the “Hummer Tax Loophole” could benefit buyers of the Tesla M...

Elon Musk: Tesla Referral Program “Seems To Be Working”

Understanding and speculation regarding the purpose of the Tesla Model S referral program has been all over the place, but if you simply look at what Elon said in Tesla's most recent conference call, it simply comes across as a test to see if such a program could replace Tesla stores and sales staff to some extent (while perhaps also preventing Model X cannibalization of Model S sales and getting ...

Tesla Model X Windshield Will Be Supersplendulous

No, “supersplendulous” is not a word. Yes, the Model X windshield inspired me to coin the term “supersplendulous,” which I imagine nobody else will use, making my use of the term “coin” a bit illogically pompous and self-important, but getting back on topic…. The Model X windshield is so nice that it would make me consider an oversized SUV (which I’d...

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