Author: Susan Kraemer

Baby Prius to Debut Next Week in Detroit

At next weeks Detroit show Toyota will debut a baby Prius, a tiny version of the Prius hybrid that comprises 75% of Toyota's hybrid sales.

Toyota to Become First Vertically Integrated EV Company With Solar Charging Stations

[social_buttons] Pictured above is a solar charging station under development by Toyota. The company has plans to open the first of 21 in the Spring of 2010, signaling a move by Toyota to become a vertically integrated company. First, make the plug-in car. Then, build the charging station that it plugs in to. It’s comparable to the same company both digging up the oil, and building the car t...

Siemens to Test Six Minute Charging For EVs on 33% Wind Powered Grid

[social_buttons] Sven Holthusen runs the EDISON project at Siemens’ Energy Sector in the Denmark branch of the international engineering giant. The EDISON project is working on raising charging power to as much as 300 kW so that batteries can be recharged on the go, in as little as six minutes. The idea is to replicate the familiar: filling up at a gas station in 6 minutes or so, not in order to r...

EV Subsidy Boost to $30,000 For Heavy Trucks Will Benefit Smith Electric Vehicles

The Kohl-Hatch Heavy Duty Truck Hybrid Tax Credit Bill S. 2854, would extend federal tax credits to $30,000 per truck to purchasers of electric trucks in weight classes like Smith Electric Vehicles U.S 8 ton Edison.

Last Chance For a Half-Priced Tesla Ends Dec 31

Now might be a good time to hop in your jet and pop back to your ski vacation home in Colorado and pick up a surefire winner of a green Christmas stocking stuffer: a nice little 2009 Tesla Roadster that runs on electrons. Gasoline cars are just so 20th century. And Colorado...

With New Battery, Nissan Plans to Double EV Range by 2015

[social_buttons] In a breakthrough that might change a few minds about the battery-swap concept, Nissan says that they have succeeded in tests that would extend the range of the LEAF and other electric cars up to 186 miles on each charge, almost double today’s range with an improved battery. Nissan has developed a new battery combination by adding small amounts of cobalt and nickel to the ma...

Obama Induces Chinese to Cut GHG 40% and Share Electric Car Tech

What a humiliating failure the President's Asian trip was. Not only did the President make the humiliating faux pas of bowing deeply to one tiny Asian leader, but no sooner had he returned than two more made counter-offers of deep cuts in carbon emissions at Copenhagen. India offered reductions of 20% and China offered 40%.

New EPA Fuel Economy Numbers: Ford and GM Show the Most Gains

Projected 2009 US fuel economy figures out today from the EPA shows that we have now reversed a long-term trend of gradually worsening fuel efficiency since 1987 - that bottomed out in 2004 at 19.3 mpg.

Electric Vehicles International Brings Electric Delivery Vans to California

[social_buttons] Electric Vehicles International is returning to its home in California from Mexico and later this month will have a state tour to celebrate; from their new home in Stockton to the state capitol, Sacramento. Along the way, they are offering test drives for any interested Californians. So if you’ve ever wanted to test-drive a 13 ton full electric delivery truck that goes 60 mi...

Metal-Air Battery With 11 Times More Energy at Half the Cost?

US Secretary of Energy, Dr. Steven Chu [social_buttons] Arizona State University professor Cody Friesen thinks he can make a metal-air battery with up to 11 times the energy density of lithium batteries at potentially half the cost. Now the US Department of Energy’s advanced research incubator ARPA-E has just given his spin-off company, Fluidic Energy, a $5.13 million research grant to try a...

Myers Redesigns NMG Sparrow Electric Car: No Longer Silly Looking

[social_buttons] This gorgeous interior is emblematic of the change marking the NMG2 electric vehicle from its precursor, the NMG, from Myers Motors in Ohio. Two years ago, Myers was the only company in America with a true freeway speed (up to 75 miles an hour) fully electric vehicle on the market; the three wheeler NMG EV. At under $25,000, even. There was just one problem, and it was huge. The t...

US Navy to Cut Greenhouse Emissions 50% By As Early As 2015 (!)

[social_buttons] After the new Executive Order last week requiring every Federal Agency to accurately account for their greenhouse gas emissions—and then sharply reduce them 30% by 2020 [previous story]—the Navy has doubled down in their response. Already the Navy uses 17% renewable energy (about like Iowa and even better than California), but they plan on achieving a faster reduction and a much t...

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