Author: Carolyn Fortuna

Gas2 Week in Review, February 25: Green Transportation Is Essential and Often Complicated

The top transportation stories in the news this week look at fossil fuel power in the rear view mirror...

Gas2 Week in Review, February 18: The State of Electric Trucking — Tesla and Its Competitors

Is the trucking industry ready for all-electric trucking -- from Tesla or other vehicle manufacturers?

Gas2 Week in Review, February 11: Tesla’s Dreams, Progress, and Woes

If you listened to CEO Elon Musk on the Tesla Q4 post-investor letter conference call, you might think that Tesla’s dreams are all coming true. He started out by calling 2017 “obviously a big year for Tesla.” He described a very sophisticated automated parts conveyance system at the Fremont vehicle plant. Excitement about how the company is designing the Model Y. The competitive ...

Gas2 Week in Review, February 4: The Inevitable Transition to EVs

Automaker around the globe are investing heavily in electrification strategies. In this edition of the "Gas2 Week in Review," we examine recent EV evolutions and epiphanies.

Gas2 Week in Review: Tesla Is Tested — In Model 3 Production and In Person during a Middle East Roadtrip

This edition of the "Gas2 Week in Review" captures a first-timer's experiences up-close-and-personal with Teslas.

Gas2 Week in Review, January 14: Green Legislation and Policy

At a time when the federal US government continues to stagnate in fossil fuel energy policy, many US states and world governments are moving forward with clean energy policies that embrace EVs,

Gas2 Week in Review, January 7: Electric Transportation and the Trucking Industry

Electric transportation has a strong hold in the passenger car sector, but what's happening in other forms of electric transportation?

Gas2 Week In Review, December 24: What EV is Under Your Tree?

Let's imagine what it would take to have an EV under every Christmas tree with this week's edition of the Gas2 Week in Review.

Gas2 Week in Review, November 19: Tesla Semi Steals the Show

It was all Tesla, all the time this week in the news. If it wasn't the Semi reveal, it was the J.B. Hunt truck order from Tesla, stories about Megachargers, or the return of the Roadster.

Gas2 Week in Review, November 12: Electric Trucks, and Buses, and Vespas — Oh, My!

This week on the "Gas2 Week in Review" we focus on electric vehicles that aren't intended to someday replace your father's Chevy --- those commercial vehicles with real potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Gas2 Week in Review, November 5: EV Issues, Insights, and Innovations

This week's edition of the "Gas2 Week in Review" looks at recent news stories about solutions that the EV industry is trying to overcome. If these successes keep building, all-electric transportation will soon be much more pervasive across all sectors of the personal transportation ownership group.

Gas2 Week in Review, October 29: Tesla News— Get Ya Tesla News Here! Read All About It!

Tesla news drives our "Gas2 Week in Review," as our writers have received an exclusive from the Tesla Model 3 Owners Club to check our video footage of that newest addition to the Tesla catalog. Read those articles and more about Tesla in the category of what's happening now at Tesla.

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