The newest EV charging stations in Austria were officially activated in the town of Ybbs an der Donau (colloquially referred to as “Ybbs”) over the weekend. The new stations, like the rest of Ybbs and several of the surrounding neighborhoods, are powered by Wüster power stations, which claim that 100% of electricity to come from renewable sources. Regardless of the source of the power, its distribution is rather clever. Using a system designed by Siemens, Ybbs can now recharge EVs from parking meters.

The Siemens-designed charging stations were developed specifically to be integrated into existing infrastructures, such as parking meters, in order to place no distinction between somewhere to park your car and somewhere to charge it. The advantage to the Siemens system is that it encourages consumers to buy and drive EVs while still addressing the issue of not having many EVs on the road (yet). Each station can be used by an EV, a hybrid, or a gasoline-powered car – and if no electricity is needed to charge batteries, the driver just pays for parking. Since the system takes cash, it’s convenient and doesn’t require reservations beforehand.

Three components make up the system: a parking meter encompassing both parking and EV charging, a control cabinet to distribute the current, and a “pure” charging station to be mounted to the ground or to the wall. It can be individually customized for parking spaces in public areas, parking lots, or parking garages, and adheres to the highest applicable safety standards.

Each charging station has a 400V quick-charge plug, which can charge an average EV battery to about 80% in two hours, and uses intelligent communication between the charging system and the EV using it. The controls are powered by solar cells, which makes the stations even greener.