Aston Martin has already committed to Formula 1 in a big way with Red Bull. It has plans to go even further, though, and news that English sports car maker will be joining the F1 circus as an engine supplier has been all but confirmed. Whether what comes to pass is a branding deal with Mercedes (a company that provides Aston with road car engines), as I’ve speculated, or a full-bore engine effort remains to be seen, but it seems as if, regardless of that, Aston Martin has plans to supply multiple teams and not “just” Red Bull.

Aston Martin president and CEO Andy Palmer said he was “encouraged” by the direction of the 2021 Formula 1 engine plans presented a few weeks ago. And, if Red Bull takes those engines, analyst Lawrence Barretto believes, “it would make sense for junior team Toro Rosso to follow suit and allow for closer synergies that have since been reduced following the Italian team’s switch to Honda.”

In an interview, it seemed like Palmer agrees. “With all of this stuff in F1, you have to factor in intangibles because you’re talking about a marketing return, not necessarily a physical return,” he explained. “Marketing return hopefully turns into sold cars, which is why we’re doing this. This is to seed the soil for when we bring a mid-engined car to compete with the Ferrari 488.”


Aston Martin Valkyrie Concept | Red Bull RB12

I hate to be the one to mention this to Mr. Palmer, but if winning races sold cars then Lancia would be the selling car brand in the history of the world. But, hey- I love F1, so if that “win on Sunday, sell on Monday” crap is what’s gonna keep F1 alive I am all for it.

What about you? Do you think Aston Martin is making the right choice dumping millions into Formula 1, or are you going with the theory that F1 has been (and always will be) all about Ferrari? Let us know, in the comments.


Source | Images: Motorsport, Innovators Magazine.