Macedonian artist Dejan Hristov realizes that the future of the automobile is electric– and he’s apparently been thinking about what that means for one of his favorite automotive icons, the Porsche 911. And, in looking at the tremendous amount of work he’s put into his concept renderings, above, I think it’s safe to say that he’s been thinking about an electric Porsche 911 a lot.

It’s easy to see a Porsche 911 in Hristov’s concept. Heck, other than the futuristic lighting and probably illegal lack of a rear window, this could have been presented to me as the 2020 911 and I wouldn’t have called bulls***. It looks, to me, like taht much of a Porsche. But it’s Porsche-ness isn’t my favorite thing about this particular art project …


Electric Porsche 911 | Hologram Lighting

… the highlight of Hristov’s electric Porsche concept is, undoubtedly, the super-slick “hologram” lighting. “The most revolutionary idea on this car is the solution of the rear lights: the lights are holograms. In this way, they can be very large and visible from any angle,” Hristov told Jalopnik in an email interview. He also believes holographic technology like this could help boost safety by displaying information about the road ahead to people behind the 911. That extra bit of information could ensure that trailing drivers are ready for sudden stops or suddenly slippery conditions.

What do you guys think of Hristov’s electric Porsche 911 concept? Is this the kind of thing you’d like to see from Porsche, or do you believe its future is in new shapes and names, like the upcoming Porsche Taycan? Let us know in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


Electric Porsche 911 | Signal Orange

Source | Images: Dejan Hristov, via Jalopnik.