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Are There Major Problems with the LaFerrari Hybrid Supercar?

Are There Major Problems with the LaFerrari Hybrid Supercar?
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LaFerrari Hybrid

Since revealing the drop-dead gorgeous LaFerrari hybrid supercar at the 2013 Geneva show in March, Ferrari has kept quiet on its LaFerrari flagship, prompting some to speculate that – despite the car sounding like crazy lesbian panther sex – there are teething problems with the production version of the car. More than teething problems, perhaps, as one poster on the Ferrari Chat forums says, “I was told a couple of months ago by someone in intimate contact with a top engineer on the LaF project that there is a ‘big problem with the car’.”

Another rumor going around is that the LaFerrari hasn’t passed its required crash tests.

Another rumor has the LaFerrari’s performance being too far off the pace of McLaren’s P1 hybrid (in other words: it’s getting stomped by the competition’s specs badly enough that even the “ringers” Ferrari sends out to magazines won’t be able to save face).

GTSpirit, however, is quick to remind us that this isn’t the first time a Ferrari flagship has been slow in coming, saying “It is not the first Ferrari that takes a significant time from introduction to market, the F12 also took a significant time from initial introduction ’til the first customer deliveries. But with a Ferrari as anticipated as the LaFerrari, the stakes are even higher.”

Here’s hoping that Ferrari can figure out the problem, soon.


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