Perception lags reality. It’s one of those ideas that, once understood, seems like it should be obvious. A thing happens in reality, and it takes a little while before we (the observers of reality) perceive it. The fireworks explode overhead, and a second later we hear the boom. Electric cars blow past internal combustion engines, and it takes a while to hear the– whirr? Hum? Whatever it is, it’s here. This is the Quad Motor Drako GTE. It is 100% electric, and 100% the most powerful series built vehicle ever to hit public roads.

Yeah, I know about the new Lotus. I know about the new Ferrari, too. Heck, I even know about the new electric Freightliner semi truck– and it’s not even close. The Drako GTE’s electric motors are pushing an unbelievable 6,491 lb-ft of torque to the car’s tires. For those of you keeping score, that number is nearly eight (8) times more than the figure recorded from a Tesla Model S P100D and, crucially, more than three times greater than the most powerful regular street car I’ve ever driven, the 1700HP Switzer/Nissan Goliath GTR.

As you look into the press release and explore the photo gallery, below (click to enlarge, by the way), you may notice that the GTE looks a bit familiar. It should, because it borrows its basic unibody with the Fisker Karma/Karma Revero— and that’s OK by me, because the Fisker-penned lines are some of the sleekest and most stylish in the business.

You’re right, guys. I’m just gushing and blubbering at this point. Check out the press release, below, then let us know where you were when you first perceived that electric performance engines had pulled ahead of their internal combustion competition in the comments section at the bottom of the page.



OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE — Silicon Valley supercar manufacturer, Drako Motors, introduces its first limited production electric supercar, Drako GTE, in a World Premiere taking place at the prestigious Quail Motorsports Gathering in Carmel, California. GTE is the culmination of nearly a decade of unrelenting design, engineering and track development by a world class team assembled by Drako Motors Founders, Dean Drako and Shiv Sikand. Driven by the company’s mission of creating stunning, driver focused supercars that deliver exhilarating performance with maximum control and safety – on road and track, GTE is a four passenger ultra luxury supercar with a 1,200 hp quad motor architecture, a 206 mph top speed, and cornering precision unlike any other supercar on the road today.

The Drako GTE on display is a fully functional production supercar delivered to the stage directly from lapping the track, it is not a design concept or prototype. GTE is entering series production following the Quail World Premiere and deposit holders will have the opportunity to experience GTE’s performance firsthand on the track at a customer experience event this November.


With a fully electric quad motor architecture, GTE was designed to elevate the modern driver experience to an entirely new level. Four permanent magnet hybrid synchronous motors generate a colossal 1,200 hp and 8,800 Nm of combined wheel torque providing astonishing acceleration up to a 206 mph top speed. Each of GTE’s wheels are connected to a motor through separate direct-drive gearboxes enabling individual wheel control for extremely precise torque delivery.

Drako’s industry leading torque vectoring algorithms developed on the Nürburgring utilize many variables to proactively adjust positive and negative torque on each wheel over one thousand times per second. Beyond achieving maximum traction in straight-line acceleration, GTE drivers experience unrivaled turning capability and incredible safety on any kind of road surface – a feeling almost as if the laws of physics have been exceeded.


Drako GTE’s design is a visual expression of the sheer emotion that comes with driving it. Powerful, agile and firmly planted on the ground. A design that combines a muscular four seater body with the elegance and sensuality of the true GT car, expressed in the fluidity of its lines and the sophistication of the surfaces.

GTE’s front fascia is dominated by three air intakes that are surrounded by full and continuous surfaces allowing the eye to caress the car without interruptions. The different elements are connected through a play of lines that give origin to signature details and slim lights that together create a confident expression and an aggressive focus on the road ahead. Being a genuine performance car, aerodynamics played a central role in the design of the GTE. This is visible in the fluid shapes and the archetypal ‘coda tronca’ (or Kamm Tail) design of the rear. But it’s the low splitter of the front and the prominent diffuser in the back that reveal the true sports car DNA of the GTE.

Removing GTE’s one-piece, full carbon fiber hood presents a magnificent view unlike any other electric vehicle ever made. GTE’s bespoke inverters, cooling system and suspension components are fully visible for the automotive aficionado.


Drako’s driver oriented Quattro Manettino consists of four console mounted switches to dial-in every aspect of the driving experience. Full control of torque vectoring and slip control, front to rear power distribution, and fine-grained regenerative braking control, allows drivers to adjust powertrain characteristics to match their driving style. The Quattro Manettino also provides the ability to select one of six road surface conditions – RACE, TRACK, DRY, RAIN, SNOW, ICE – optimizing GTE’s performance in every driving environment.


GTE’s battery was designed from the ground-up for megawatt power output as well as cooling capabilities to withstand track level performance on the world’s most challenging circuits. With 90 kWh of energy capacity and the ability to output 1,800 continuous and 2,200 peak amps, GTE’s battery is designed to supply GTE’s four motors with 900 kW of uninterrupted power. An internal massively-parallel cooling architecture integrates numerous cooling channels surrounding each individual battery cell to quickly dissipate heat lap after lap. Three oversized radiators at the front of the car are fed with ample airflow through GTE’s aggressive three section front fascia to ensure overheating does not inhibit lap time.

GTE is compatible with current available EV charging infrastructure. Standard AC charging utilizes the J1772 protocol with the vehicle’s onboard 15 kW charger. DC fast charging is available with either Chademo or CCS (Combined Charging System) up to 150 kW, providing high speed charging and convenience on long distance journeys.


Each of GTE’s quad motors is paired to an individual high capacity motor controller specifically designed for the endurance of extreme track and performance driving. With four independent controllers, GTE can precisely distribute a massive +225 kW to -225 kW range of potential power through each motor with millisecond speed and accuracy. This enables immediate response to driver input with near zero latency.


GTE is outfitted with top level components throughout its chassis. Öhlins suspension provides superior composure and ride quality on the road, while also offering full four-way adjustability for the track. Front and rear carbon ceramic Brembo brakes deliver phenomenal stopping power without fade during prolonged track sessions. 20 inch Michelin Pilot Sport Cup2 tires serve as track tires, while 21 inch Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires provide advanced road capabilities. A chassis structure from Fisker was specifically selected for GTE as the platform met the structural and design criteria for an incredible grand coupé. The long wheelbase comfortably accommodates four passengers as well as GTE’s quad motor powertrain and floor-mounted battery – both of which contribute to an extremely low center of gravity for superior handling and driving dynamics.


As an ultra premium grand touring supercar, GTE luxuriously accommodates four passengers and their luggage while providing ample legroom and easy ingress and egress. The front and rear seats are designed with a blend of hand stitched leather and alcantara striking the perfect balance between extraordinary comfort and supportive bolstering for high performance driving. To uniquely personalize GTE, owners can configure their car by selecting from a wide range of colors, materials and finishes.

Source | Images: Drako Motors, via DuPont Registry.