The American Le Mans Series, or ALMS, bills itself as one of the most progressive and greenest racing series on the planet. In fact, green is at the heart of this racing series, which allows teams to run E85 ethanol, isobutonal, diesel, and even hybrid vehicles. And now you can add all-electric to that lineup, as Lola-Drayson has announced that they will enter an EV in the 2012 ALMS season.

Lola-Drayson is a collaboration between race car builder Lola and Drayson racing, the B12/69EV race car is slated to enter into the inaugural 2013 Formula E racing series. But before then, the team will stretch their legs and work out the kinks in the 2012 American Le Mans Series, which visits some of America’s most famous race tracks including Laguna Seca, VIR, and Lime Rock.

Led by alt-fuels advocate Lord Drayson, the Lola-Drayson team sees electric racing as really “taking off” though they have already seen racing success with their biobutonal powered racer. Drayson is right; electric racing is taking off, though it will be interesting to see how these racing teams overcome the issue of short-lived batteries. Nobody wants to see a race that ends after just a few laps. So will they rely on battery swapping, inductive charging, or something else to keep these electric racers racing?

Source: Green Car Reports