Most of the technology we take for granted in our daily drivers had to work a long, harrowing course on the race track before every making it to our driveways. The money and competition that fuels high speed races often perfects technology on the track before making it to market. This fact has not gone unnoticed in the Green Revolution and why it needs to cozy up to some speed freaks and show the world that fast and green go hand in hand.

The organizers of this years TTXGP electric motor cycle race realize this perhaps better than anyone. Since the TTXGP was such a hit, they are kicking it up a notch with an all-electric race through the Levellois bourough of Paris. Sweet!

The course will run along the border of Paris and Nueilly and along the edge of the Seine River that flows through Paris. There are 37 bridges over the Seine in Paris, which should make for an exciting race course. FIA specifications will be followed when designing the course, and an old bus station is being converted into a pit area for the cars. It should be interested to see how the pits are set up, and what kind of cars make the trek to Paris to demonstrate their racing prowess.

It will also quiet down critics who percieve electric cars as tiny, slow, and boring. The event will cover both cars and motorcycles, and is planned for June 4th through 6th. We’ll bring you more details as they become available.

Source: EMXGP vis Jalopnik