There’s a lot to digest here, kids, so I’m going to get right to it. This is the Puritalia Automobili Berlinetta Hybrid. It features a unique and innovative “Purhydrive System” that dynamically process information like weather conditions, traffic data, the route you’re driving on, your state of charge, your current driving behavior, and your typical driving style to maximize your driving efficiency and minimize emissions. Oh– and it makes almost 1000 HP.

So, yeah. This Berlinetta’s a thing.

The Puritalia’s styling is just that: pure Italian. It’s long hood, short deck proportions evoke some of the most classic shapes of the Ferrari and Maserati GTs from decades past. The coupe is clean, without any gaudy rear wings or splitters to detract from the look. The carbon fiber bodywork is smooth and rounded, with an emphasis on beauty over aerodynamics– and it totally works. It’s a beautifully proportioned car with photogenic angle for days.

That emphasis on appearance doesn’t mean the Puritalia isn’t high-tech, though. In addition to the fancy AI that maximizes efficiency, the body is built around a carbon fiber monocoque frame that bolts to a fully adjustable suspension. Through the same internet connection that the Purhydrive System uses, the car is able to track the suspension’s motion for each wheel, so that the system can learn exactly what bumps and dips are coming up on a road you’ve driven before – or indeed, that any other Puritalia driver has driven. The Purhydrive system uses artificial intelligence algorithms to continue improving itself over time, and Puritalia sees it, and the data it generates, as a key asset moving forward.

It can also roll out instant software updates for any electronically controlled module. All configurable settings that are available through the touchscreen are also available through a mobile app, so there’s remote diagnostics and online assistance from the factory, as well as live technical support.

Now, for the good part. The power train. Under the sloping hood is a 5.0L, 32-valve, supercharged V8 that’s blown at a constant 11 PSI of boost that’s good for 750 HP at 7,000 RPM and 648 lb-ft of TQ all while meeting or beating Euro 6 emissions compliance standards. Power goes from the crank directly to a carbon driveshaft to a rear-mounted, 7 speed transaxle. A secondary electric power train is nestled around the transmission in back, where a Yasa axial-flux electric motor stands ready to feed as much as 215 HP to the rear wheels, as needed. Or, as “needed”, I guess– because 750 HP is probably going to be enough to meet most drivers’ needs for like, merging and stuff.

This might be my new favorite car, you guys. Only 150 will be built, though, which is sad, because I would definitely buy if I had an extra $500,000 lying around. What about you guys? Is this the kind of fancy green ecomobile you’d swing on, or are you holding out for one of those 220 MPH pure electric Corvette deals? Check out the gallery and video, below, then tell us your thoughts in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


Puritalia Berlinetta | Photo Gallery

Source | Images: Puritalia Automobili, via New Atlas.